Please choose MATTE colors for wall decor and GLOSS colors for glass, acrylic, wood, or plastic surfaces.
A beautiful script monogram embroidery font that offers a quick stitch out as compared to other monogrammed fonts. Create these beautiful monograms in vinyl or heat transfer material and add to pillows, tiles, walls.

Stitch time may vary based on the letters used and the speed at which you run the embroidery machine. In February of 2014, the husband and wife team, Mike & Kenzie Daley of Snapdragon Snippets took over for Jessica. If you need assistance with anything, please check the FAQ section to see if any of your issues are listed there.

Also includes .BX format that works with Embrilliance Essentials, AlphaTricks, and Designers Gallery EmbroideryWorks that will allow you to use the letters as a keyboard font.

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