More easy home decor crafts and ideas, Make this cute fabric-covered bulletin board to match your home's decor.
Use fancy fonts to make beautiful Split Letter Monograms to use on cards, invitations, home decor and gifts. Quick TipDid you know that you can access the updates through your software by going to the Help drop down menu and selecting "Software Updates" under "Internet Pazzles Online"? I have seen them on wedding invitations, as wall art, on mirrors and on glass candle holders, to name just a few.
Christmas is just around the corner and you can make beautiful personalized gifts that will amaze your family and friends!

This tutorial will teach you how to find fonts suitable for split letters and how to decide where to split the letter.
I’m thinking the split letter monogram with the last name in the middle space etched on a glass.
Double check that your Quicktime software is up to date and your antivirus software is not blocking the video pop up.
They can be very clean and simple or extremely complex with lots of added swirls and accent pieces. The Inspiration Studio Software makes it so easy that the hardest part is choosing the font!

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to make fancy split letter monograms that you can cut on your Inspiration to make cards and gifts that are truly personal.
I go to the move tool,select cut a straight line and try to select a point on the guide line. I did find this afternoon while playing around with it that it let me cut as long as I didn’t press down the shift key????

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