You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Even celestial beings like pixies and fairies are shown along with the moon tattoo design.This is a really cool tattoo with the contrast of black and skin. The artist did a great job with the lines especially with the skull as it penetrates the darkness.Moon not only represents immense beauty it is also regarded as the symbol of femininity and motherhood. Over the past in many cultures the moon has had a major role and also plays a significant role in many myths and folklore.
Many a man has woven fantasies about the beauty of the moon and compared it with the flawless beauty of a woman. This is an exceptional piece because it has three dimensional qualities that are really hard to do. The color choices of white, black, grey and red create this over world type quality that is so mysteriously and somewhat alluring.In astrology, the moon is nothing short of one of the main players. Plus the moon as the mother and the representative of motherhood has a strong influence in eastern as well as western cultures.
The colors go really well together and the details are quite vivid.In fact it has been scientifically proven that the moon does have some effects on our mind, the movement of the waves and many other things.

People who are into science believe that mood came about into existence due to the crash of a planet on to earth many years ago.4. Take a moment to enjoy the talent this artist has and what patience and expertise it would take to make this images all look the same and yet all be so very different. It seems to be the various stages of the moon as it cycles each month.In a tattoo design the moon could be depicted in many sizes and in numerous ways. Some choose to go with the fantasy element and show celestial beings like pixies and fairies lingering near the moon. Some like to show the moon along with the sun, some go with the blue moon, some with the black looking moon and some with the various types of moon as it goes through the cycle.5.
With such a large amount of dark colors, the artist used quite a bit of ink to really penetrate and make it look so good.Another thing that the moon has often been associated, especially in Native American lore is with animals.
They associate the moon with coyotes, crabs, wolves, bats, cats, jaguars and many other creatures of the night. The detail in the fur is really cool because it looks like the wind is blowing it.January was the wolf moon, February was associated with snow moon, the month of March with Worm moon, the warm month of April with Pink moon, May with flower moon, June was linked with the strawberry moon, July with the buck moon, August with sturgeon, September with harvest, October with Hunter, November with beaver and December with the cold moon.
Among the people of the orient the moon represents Yin the symbol of night, darkness and femininity and the sun represents Yang the forces of day, light and masculinity.

Couples find this tattoo depicting the sun and moon working together to provide day and night very significant for tattoo designs.9.
The lips, nose and eyes are on point and the way the moon looks like it’s water is insanely good. The use of white to exhibit contrast is such a great idea and the whole thing is just amazing.14. This is a tribal look that has a deep black color as the only color chosen in this palette. The face looks so forlorn and the coloring has a dismal look but that’s probably what he was probably trying to convey. This angry moon has an interesting look about it that would be sure to be a great conversation starter.

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