Once again I find myself in the position where I have a lot of topics I want to cover in the news over the past week, but not enough to make a full article on each, after all, how many times can you write the sentence "David Cameron is a prat" before it looks like you are stalling for time? While the freshest piece of news out of Britain is that a Big Issue Seller was stabbed to death in Birmingham (My personal opinion being that the Conservatives are taking their war on the poor to it's logical conclusion). The ill-thought out recklessness of the moment is David Cameron and the Conservative party deciding that they don't really fancy being so close to Europe, and they would much rather be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, rather than so near to France, and Denmark, and Iceland. Thankfully the ruling party doesn't get to decide geographically where Britain is, though unfortunately they do get to talk loudly and nonsensically about how much they don't like Europe(an Union), and how much they wouldn't mind if they gave the British people a chance to vote on being in Europe.
Thankfully, the Obama Administration steps in, to quietly remind the Conservatives that it is A) Not very close to America and B) Is only really useful to America because it speaks English and is in the EU, sort of like an over celebrated errand boy. Amazingly, even some Tories are so ashamed of this behavior from David Cameron, Lord Heseltine has attacked it (and we all know what happened the last time he attacked a Conservative leader), as well as the MEP leader for the Conservatives, though I suppose he risks being out of a job, so perhaps he is slightly bias.
But it allows all those damn Polish people to move over here, says the angry racist from Kent.
So while we are on the subject of travel, you know how it is a pain to go to places like the US, Australia, or New Zealand, well, as I'm sure you are aware, you don't have that problem if you travel in the EU, because we are a part of it. So why wouldn't we want to make that bigger, we already made up being British, why not European, why limit yourself to 60 Million rather quite moody islanders, when you can rejoice at gaining 440 Million other comrades.
So before I make the mistake of going into even more lofty ideas, let me conclude like this, the UK cannot go it alone, it can barely go it with company.
A more pressing issue grips the capital, and consequently, the world, because while the UK likes to pretend it is still important in the world, it rarely ever acts with the clarity or the responsibility to warrant such self-praise.

I am, of course referring to the continued attempts of David Cameron to threaten to threaten to threaten to walk out of the EU, sadly enough, this actually means something, because Eurosceptic talk can be quite damaging, especially as the United European Project (Of which I feel I should probably make it known I'm 100% behind) is at an all time low confidence wise, primarily due to the current short-comings of the currency of 17 of the current member states, the Euro. But the stereo-typically named Richard Ashworth wouldn't be the only person out of a job if the UK quit the European Union now, would he David? Well, who do you think it is easiest to export to, that is right, the massive continent right beside us, and you know what makes it easier still. Well yes, yes it does, and soon Croatians by the end of this year, and perhaps soon the Turkish.
It also has that little bonus of lines where they only accept EU passports, those things rock. Undecided, definitely more than most people in Britain, but equally, for now it is possible to continue without, and with the Eurozone Crisis the way it is, it will probably take 5+ years before it is feasible again.
If David Cameron continues along this path successfully, or even if he continues unsuccessfully, it will harm British growth, more so than his bloody campaign of government cuts have already. I was swiftly reminded that many people seem to either A) Choose to ignore those facts B) Are unaware of those facts C) Do not care or D) Just recite what they read in the Sun.
So yeah, no visas, free border travel, and cheaper flights, yes indeed, not only does the European Union make our flights safer, it makes them cheaper, and easier when we arrive. Why, because we are British of course, yes, that made up notion, that made up Nation, we are obviously different and so should isolate ourselves so we can be happy alone.
Not that everyone accepting being "European" as a substitute is very feasible at the moment either.

If he isolates Britain politically and economically from the EU, only bad can come from it. Well, in true enlightenment sense, "we cannot trust the peasant with the vote", perhaps our glorious leaders have something better to say. This is very useful for people, and I assume I can't be in the minority here, who have people they want to go visit regularly on the continent. This is akin to the mad bastard who jumps overboard when no-one is sure if the ship is actually sinking, only to have to climb back on later, with a cold, and looking thoroughly silly.
You can also phone people on the continent for less thanks to the European Union, as well as that E111 (known for some reason as the E One, Eleven) which gives you health insurance, for free, while in the EU. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
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