Story: This is my first tattoo, I got it because both of my parents are deaf and they’re my heroes.
It has to ability to enhance an individual's mood, relieve tension and anxiety, boost confidence and self-esteem, fight depression, and above all, bring people together.
Music is the international language that people from all over the world can understand without words. If music holds a special place in your heart and you're looking to get a tattoo made, then you've come to the right place. Take a look for yourself.Designs to Choose FromTo help you get started, we have provided a few design options below. Browse through the designs to find the perfect one that suits you best.There are other types of music-related tattoos such as guitar, piano, drums, violin, and other instruments.

Also, tattoos of musicians' faces are also being worn by people who support a particular artist. Some famous personalities from the music industry whose tattoos are quite famous are Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley, Marilyn Manson, and many more. In addition, some people opt for wearing tattoos which include lyrics of a song that inspires them the most.Tattoo Design IdeasA treble clef is a very beautiful musical note which resembles somewhat like an '&'. The tattoo can be made more lively by including different colors and patterns in a stylish manner; like some of the designs given above.
Another good musical note for a tattoo is the bass clef which resembles an apostrophe immediately followed by a colon.If you want a more complicated music note tattoo, you can choose a staff notation tattoo. This tattoo comprises five horizontal lines on which different musical notes are shown.Individual notes can be considered appropriate for tattoos behind the ear.

Complex music note tattoos all over their back can have a combination of individual notes, treble clef, bass clef, and staff. So think carefully before you finalize a design because that tattoo is going to stay with your forever. You can either choose from the designs provided in this article or use your own creativity to make a new design altogether.

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