The vector stencils library "Computer peripheral devices" contains 18 clipart images of computer peripheral devices and equipment for drawing network diagrams. The vector stencils library "Music" contains 28 clipart images of musical devices, instruments and note signs for drawing illustrations. The vector stencils library "Audio" contains 15 clipart images of audio gadgets, sound and music recording and reproduction devices, acoustic equipment for drawing illustrations.
The vector stencils library "Technology" contains 27 clipart images of computer equipment, electronic audio, video and TV devices, digital music and mobile gadgets and photo cameras for drawing illustrations on information, telecommunication and electronic media technologies. Music note stencils can be used in clothing designs, poster designs and phone cover designs.

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It expands the host's capabilities but does not form part of the core computer architecture. Although many ancient cultures used symbols to represent melodies, none of them is nearly as comprehensive as written language, limiting the knowledge of ancient music to a few fragments.
Following significant advances in digital audio technology during the 1970s, it rapidly replaced analog audio technology in most areas of sound production, sound engineering and telecommunications. Nokia, HTC, LG, Motorola Mobility, BlackBerry, and Apple are just a few examples of the many manufacturers that produce these types of devices." [Mobile device.

Comprehensive music notation began to be developed in Europe in the Middle Ages and has been adapted to many kinds of music worldwide." [Musical notation. A digital-to-analog converter performs the reverse process, converting a digital signal back into an analog signal, which can be converted to an audible sound by a loudspeaker. Conversion to a digital format allows convenient manipulation, storage, transmission and retrieval of an audio signal." [Digital audio.

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