Sailor tattoos or nautical tattoos are body arts that are usually sported by sailors, captains and the naval crew; people who spent most of their lives at open seas. This colorful Nautical Star design is a tattoo specific for sailors, its five directions symbolizing the many paths they had to choose in their lives. The origins of the nautical star tattoo comes from the sailors, who were very superstitious persons and who believed that this star tattooed on their arms would bring them good luck and would guarantee their returning safe back home.
Nowadays many groups have adopted this tattoo as a symbol, from which the punk rockers who took it from “Sailor Jerry”, one of the most famous tattoo artists ever, as a symbol for their search for a way in life. Also, the lesbian and gay communities used the nautical star tattoo in their history, back in the 40s and 50s, when it wasn’t okay to show off your sexual orientation, so they would tattoo a nautical star in a place they would hide during the day and reveal during the night so that they would be safe. Choose our temporary tattoo design of the nautical star, which also features shooting stars, a symbol of luck and fulfillment of wishes, and be proud of such a symbolically charged tattoo.

Birds are fascinating symbols of freedom and lightness, so a bird tattoo will bring these to you too. These tattoos often speak of the wishes, dreams, hopes, desires, fears, apprehensions and the beliefs of sea sailors in the most picturesque manner. This directional star is also a guiding light for soldiers or for the navy when they get lost at sea and use the stars as their only reference points. Their only guidance during the night was the North Star, so they attributed a symbolical meaning to it, turning it into their lucky charm. Our Tribal Humming Bird temporary tattoo has a beautifully colored design, representing a bird in flight that carries a tribal branch in its beak. The lives of sailors are always filled with dangers and isolation and they often have to operate under the risk of death.

Sailors are known to sport various forms of tattoo designs; some of the most well known ones include the image of a ship, a nautical star, swallows, sea creatures such as octopuses, squids and sharks, mermaids, sea nymphs, anchors, compasses, pirate flags, skulls with pirate hats, rooster and pigs, hula girls and pin up girls. Although once exclusively worn by sailors, these tattoos are nowadays also sported by people who are not associated with naval professions.

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