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Among the designs that are popular with tattoos of navy, the anchor and the ship occupy prime place. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Broken Heart Tattoos, Christian Tattoos For Men, Tribal Armband Tattoos and Tribal Band Tattoos.
Image of dad’s navy ship, carved as tattoo, bears the ship name and the initial on the banner.
The anchor is an integral part of navy life and therefore, also the most popular design as tattoo. The navy wheel under the lightning and the clouds symbolizes bravery and a will to serve even in adverse circumstances.
This guy got a large ship tattoo on his back in the loving memory of his son who lost his life during a voyage. The logo of the Roller Derby team USA looks cool as it sits on the thigh of this woman who is a navy professional.
The penguin, wearing the uniform cap and resting on the anchor, looks very cute and makes one fall for it in an instant. After having served in the navy for five years; this guy got a tattoo as mark of pride for his profession.
A cadet of the US navy; this guy got the tattoo to show his respect and regard for the profession.
Cute and charming tattoo carved with little pink hearts makes for an alluring art form piece. The US Marine slogan looks cool as tattoo piece and symbolizes the pride and honor of the wearer at being part of the profession.

The anchor, carved on the side of the chest, is a symbol of rock solid pride and unwavering confidence. This guy who is serving in the navy got an anchor for himself along with the name of his sons to symbolize his personal and professional commitment. The dates are the service duration of the wearer and his grandfather that look very charming with the nautical star and the anchor.
This tattoo is a tribute to the largest submarine at the time of its launch that was included in the Royal navy. This navy guy got the tattoo as a memory for his service in Corpus Christi that proved to be a fulfilling tenure for him.
Black and white navy tattoo that shows the eagle, American flag and an anchor looks glorious.
Beautiful tattoo carved with vibrant colors, catches attention in seconds and symbolizes the prestige of the navy service.
Freaking cool tattoo, created on the side of the navy guy’s calf, has a slight fearsome touch.
This exquisite navy tattoo carries the slogan that sat on the badge of the wearer’s grandfather who served in the army. This tattoo is in progress and once it gets completed, the wearer, who has been a serviceman, would flaunt it in style. This tattoo is inspired from the cover of Albatros Cigarettes that is internally distributed between the navy soldiers.
The guy got this colorful tattoo with the initials of his father and grandfather who served in the navy to show his regard.
Take a look at this brilliant tattoo piece that has got black and white as well as colorful display.

Leg tattoo showing an anchor dedicated to uncle who served in the navy for a long period of time. Having served in the navy for 28 years, this man got a tattoo after his retirement as a personal souvenir. Sailor girl inside the rose looks pretty and brings alive the memories when sailors kept photos of pinup girls in their bags.
The guy got this tattoo after being discharged from the navy over the issue of having another tattoo in memory of his father.
Stylish and sexy; this ripped apart style of tattoo, carved on the side of the chest, looks gorgeous as well. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The navy tattoos belong to this very category and have been a part of the tradition of sailor’s history since long.
These twin elements bring out the sentiment of prestige and pride in the most brilliant manner. In the olden times, the sailors got themselves tattooed with the hope that these symbols would ward off evil spirits and bring them home safely. The slogans and national symbols like the flag and the eagle to look sexy when they find a place on the body of a navy professional. So, today we bring for you a post featuring 30 images that will show the various aspects of tattoos designed to represent the navy.

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