As one of the most beautiful part of woman’s body neck is perfect for tiny and cute tattoo. There are two things you can do; you can either choose small tattoo or you can wear a whole art that covers neck and reaches to shoulder or collarbone. We all know the very fact that Tattooing is by far one of the great art forms that is still left over on Earth and at the same time, it is also of great importance to some of the communities of the world. Just like the fact that tattoo designs are of great importance when it is about the art of tattooing.
The neck is one of the soft body parts of the man and thus it has the quality to carry a soft and simple Neck tattoo designs as well.
Neck tattoos are common among women with long hair who can cover up the tat if they want to.
In the midst of the 2004 UEFA Championships, David Beckham decided that he needed a new tattoo…immediately. Although Beckham was pleased with the results of his neck tattoo, British fans had mixed reactions.
After showing off his “Pretty Lady” tattoo tribute to daughter Harper in July 2015, David Beckham went back under the needle the following month for a matching “Buster” tattoo on the right side of his neck, to commemorate his relationship with his oldest son, Brooklyn. In July 2015, David Beckham visited Mark Mahoney of West Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club and got a brand-new tattoo on his neck reading “Pretty Lady” in a scrolling black script font.
David Beckham apparently felt like he had to up the ante after getting his “Pretty Lady” tattoo tribute to daughter, Harper, because in October 2015, he added a beautiful rose tattoo to his neck, just above his “Pretty Lady” and “Harper” ink. Let’s begin with small tattoo ideas on neck and may be you will be ready to choose something more dramatic and eye catching. You can get anything that will accentuate your personality and make you feel self-confident.

The art of tattooing has been prevalent in the world from the earliest times when the human was just starting to evolve and develop.
The importance of the space on the body where doing the tattoo is also of great importance! After all, David Beckham is known as much for his fashion sense and his tattoo collection as he is for his skills on the soccer field, and most of the attention has been positive. For guys like Beckham though, you better be sure you love your neck tat, because it’s going to be seen every time you step out of the house.
According to David, “Buster” has been his pet nickname for Brooklyn since the day he was born, 16 years ago, and now the soccer icon has a permanent reminder of his love for his son inked on his neck.
David’s tattoo includes a tiny little heart, and is located at the base of the left side of his neck, just above the “Harper” tattoo the proud daddy had inked on his chest when his daughter was born in 2011. First of all neck tattoo is less visible and dramatic unlike tattoos on other parts of body especially. Just be sure of the fact that the art of tattooing is done by just a certain specific section of the people and not by all.
One needs to keep in mind that no design will look great unless the place where you do the design is perfect. There is an excellence in the way the design that has been created, looks at the man and at the same time a look, which shows the soft part of a man.
Fans of David Beckham adore the soccer star’s tribute tattoos to sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, for example, as well as his new chest tat for baby Harper.
He had the Manchester-based celebrity tattoo artist Louis Malloy, who has inked most of David Beckham’s tattoos, flown in to Madrid to ink his neck tattoo. If you ask us, it’s only a matter of time before David Beckham opts for two more matching tattoo tributes to his other sons, Cruz and Romeo!

David Beckham first revealed his “Pretty Lady” neck tattoo on Instagram on July 26, just a couple of weeks after Harper’s fourth birthday, and captioned the photo: “Hey Pretty Lady. The best thing about small tattoo is that it can be easily removed or, what is better, can be covered with a bigger one (true lovers of body art will never get rid of tattoo).
There are not a lot of places on the body of a man that has the capabilities of carrying a small and simple design. In spite of the fact, that not a lot of designs can be created in the neck but the ones that are created can be of great beauty. David Beckhams neck tattoo features a four-by-six-inch, Gothic-style outline of a cross accompanied by two intricately-inked angel’s wings. Like a protective talisman over his children.” He continued, “David just loves his tattoos. Just adding to the collection of tattoos that mean so much to me,” referring to the dozens of tattoos the soccer icon has gotten as tributes to his loving wife and kids. The situation is exactly similar when it is about the people who can carry great designs of tattoos on their body.
Just have a look on some of these neck tattoo designs for men to get an idea what we are talking about. The number is quite low when we are talking about the people who can carry a tattoo and the number goes excessively low when we are talking about girls carrying great tattoo designs. David Beckhams tattoo was inked on the same day the international soccer star announced that he would be staying with Real Madrid, and that his wife and children would be moving to Spain to join him.

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