Current Tattoo Trends involving lettering, custom fonts, poems and phrases used as Tattoos.
Well, I think that tattoos should represent a part of you, who you are or something important in or at a particular moment of your life. I meant more something like if this means something deeper for you, means something more than just chilling with your friends and drinking coffee. A friend of mine si getting words tattooed as well, but hes getting it done as an ambigram. Guttenberg, NJ-based creator of a few fun typographic posters based on quotes from the main characters in the show Mad Men. As a student at Monmouth University, Morganville, NJ-based Alyssa Durso designed the display typeface Calibound (2015). During her studies at the Art Institute of York, PA, Alyssa Garcia (Long Valley, NJ) created the Dubset typeface (2013, display).
In 1892, twenty-three type foundries joined together to compete with the new typesetting machine, the Linotype [and later, the Monotype], to form ATF, which consolidated its type manufacturing facilities in a new plant in Jersey City in 1903. Raised in New Jersey, Andrew Walunas lived in Savannah, GA, while attending SCAD for his BFA in Graphic Design, and currently lives in the greater NYC area.
Angie lives in Garfield, NJ, and sells her handwriting fonts Nooks and Coppy for 50 USD each. Anthony hails from Northern New Jersey and studied design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he earned an MFA in 2001. Graphic designer who grep up in sewell, NJ, and graduated in 2007 from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Baltimore, MD. Creator of the GillCM family in 2010: Unslanted italic Computer Modern fonts based on Eric Gill's ideas.
At Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, caitlin Torres created the pixel typeface Electicity in 2015. During her studies at Antonelli Institute, Mount Laurel, NJ-based Caitlyn Senior designed the dot matrix typeface Modular (2016). During her studies at Monmouth University in 2010, Casey Finn (New Jersey) designed the free font Wishbone.
The cmtiup package can replace the cmti package in the Computer Modern fonts since it simplifies typesetting of mathematical texts. Cruz Fonts was established in Oakland, NJ, in 2004 by Ray Cruz, who has been a designer of custom lettering and custom typefaces to major ad agencies, publishers and corporate clients in the New York City area for almost 30 years.
Run by Theo Rehak from Howell, NJ: The Dale Guild Type Foundry has been cutting and casting true foundry-cast types, ornaments, borders and initials since 1993. Based in Garden City, NJ, Dana Famiglietti created the oriental simulation typeface Human Alphabet in 2014 during her design studies.
This New York printer, was the first to produce wood type commercially, in 1827, after having invented the lateral router with David Bruce. During his studies in Saddle Brook, NJ, Darnell Roberts created the straight-edged typeface Running With Scissors (2012). Born in Dayton, OH, in 1991, Frederick Awich founded the Deleterious Design foundry in North Brunswick, New Jersey, in 2010.
Commercial and free fonts designed by Diane DiPiazza, who lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, and was the original bass player for The Misfits. Please flush your eyes with water, assume the fetal position, and pray that the fail doesn't get worse.
I especially like Remember Don, when God closes a door, he opens a dress (2011) and I'm not a solution to your problems. He has worked as a designer in New York (where he currently lives), San Francisco and Miami.

1990) of the scratchy handwriting font Ionkno (2007) and of Jaggy Fries (2007, outline French frie-shaped glyphs). Bronx, NY, 1946, d.2007), the founder of BA Graphics in 1994, was a prolific American type designer.
Creator of Monohoffdinger (2014), a sans typeface inspired by Century Gothic and Helvetica. New Jersey), art director and illustrator who studied at The Rhode Island School of Design. 1990) who designed Calamity (2008, an elegant display face), Christine's Handwriting (2006) and Pixie (2008, pixel face, FontStruct). In 2016, the Computer Modern text italic (cmti) fonts were modified by unslanting all punctuation and digits and embedding the corresponding italic corrections into the kerning. We use foundry alloy made from virgin metals in Barth foundry casters obtained from American Type Founders Co. Saxe says that the preferred woods were maple, pear, and cherry, and to a lesser extent boxwood, mahogany, and holly. During her studies in New York City, Diana Marianovsky designed the experimental Mondriaan-inspired typeface Chiaroscuro (2016). 2010) sells fonts created by two New York college friends, Jennifer DeAngelis and Amanda Pastenkos.
Almost 40 years later, he set up his own digital typefoundry, DTrooper Foundry, which publishes digital versions of his typefaces. Its collection remains intact at the American Type Founders Company Library&Museum at Columbia University in New York.
He created Damage Control (1993, grunge), Mango Gothic (1991), Pimento (1998), Shooby (1992), Pink Mouse (1992, psychedelic), Tequila (1992, a bouncy play on Didot), Alex (1996, child's hand), Chicken Soup (1993), PC Gothic (2005), Rust Bucket (1994), ITC Aftershock (1996), ITC Outback (1997), ITC Serengetti (1996), ITC Ziggy (1997), Gusto Black (2003), Vinchenso (2003), Blog (2007, 1890's style display egyptian), Nine One One BA (2007, grunge). He also made mdputu (2010), a package of virtual fonts with italics, upright digits, and punctuation for use with Adobe Utopia in mathematical texts. Check also his pixel family Fourmat (2004) and the very original card game-inspired Pokeresque (2006). Presently Ray Cruz is working as Type Director at Y&R NY, and is an adjunct professor at FIT and Kean University teaching type design. Augusta, ME, 1977) of the children's scribble font Urly Lurnin (2008), and of Smiley (2008, comic book face), and of the informal handwriting fonts Pickled Sans (2008), Slim Pickens (2008), Smokehouse (2008) and Gladly Mailed (2008). Creations from 2012: Wed Dings, Wed Dings City, the white on black tiled typeface Inthabox, Esther (art deco typeface), Nagi Tanka Regular (poster face). He published Proeven van Letteren die Gevonden Worden in de van Ouds Beroemde Lettergieterye van Wylen de Heeren Voskens en Clerk, Nu van A. The Smithsonian possesses most of the original type drawings and many of the matrices, and a number of other institutions and private individuals own matrices.
Roosevelt launched his New Deal in 1929 to get America back to work after the now infamous market crash and Great Depression. He grew up mostly in Kendall Park, NJ, and studied electrical engineering from 1984 until 1990 at Rutgers. All 16 machines along with two Benton Engraving Machines have been rebuilt and are meticulously maintained. Bender Script (2008) is a brush script developed from an incomplete script drawn by Charles Chas Bluemlein.
Creations in 2013: Harper (a sketched all caps face), Gunn (a beveled typeface), Homsley (a Tuscan typeface).
1985) lives in New Jersey, and runs the graphic and web design company Jennifer DeAngelis Design (est. Interestingly, despite the bankruptcy, it continued in operation until 1993, when the Elizabeth, NJ plant was finally liquidated.

Between 1935 and 1943, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) was established by presidential order and employed more than 8 million workers.
Wikipedia states: Diane DiPiazza was the first bass player for the The Misfits, although she does not appear on any album.
Some of the more visible projects were posters created to promote tourism in the country's National Parks. In 2011, Jennifer published the hand-printed 3d outline typeface Marquee and Mermaid NY (2011, dingbats).
He began his own business in Rotterdam where he issued this specimen book, but moved to Delft a few years later. A geometric OpenType format typeface for Latin scripts, having all the letters for Esperanto. Growing up in Lodi, New Jersey, she was a friend of Glenn Danzig, the founder of the Misfits. Founded in 1971 by designers Herb Lubalin, Aaron Burns, and Ed Ronthaler, ITC was formed to market type to the industry. Webb dies in 1864, and the company reverts to Heber Wells, the youngest son of Darius Wells, Alexander Vanderburgh and Henry Low---it is now Vanderburgh, Wells&Co. She is a type designer who distributes free fonts and vintage black and white line art at dinc!
She is art director at mystifyinglyGLADdesign, who designs for the web, clothing, and packaging. She designs hand screened gig posters and many other forms of rock 'n roll art, retro art, modern art. Diane also creates custom hand stamped silver jewelry as well as a line of tattoo inspired pieces.
Before Badson Studio, Kyle created the layered multiline typeface Pinscher (2013), the rounded sans typeface Penfield (2013), the experimental typeface Geoface (2013), the warm titling typeface Holden (2013), the multiline straight-edged typeface Countdown (2013), and the art deco family Flagpole (2013). So here is what this letter says: Dirk Voskens was a typefounder of Amsterdam, a coster of types, not a cutter of punches.
In 1677 he bought the foundry of Bleau and it was kept by his heirs and successors, (1) Dirk Voskens (2) Weduwe van Dirk Voskens (3) Voskens&fils (4) Voskens + [illegible]. A number of years ago when the need came to make the transition from the traditional to digital way of creating fonts, he rose to the challenge admirably.
Towards the last few years of Photo-Lettering, Bob played a vital role in the conversion to digital, of many of the typefaces within the collection, notably those fonts that carry the prefix PL. More recently, Bob Alonso released several fonts through ITC, Adobe and his independent foundry, BA Graphics. He points out that Mappa was typefounder in these cities: Rotterdam (1780-1782), Delft (1782-1787) and New York (1789-1792).
Mappa was active in a small army of patriots in Holland, and after a defeat in 1787 against Prussia, he was banned from Holland for six years. He lived in New York until 1792, then in Second River, NJ, until 1794 and finally in Oldenbarneveld (Oneida Co., NY).
Adobe says that it is a blend of Ronaldson, released in 1884 by the MacKellar Smiths&Jordan foundry, and Caxton, released in 1904 by American Type Founders.

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