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In this article, we will cover some of the great tattoo fonts to add up to the ever expanding collection of fonts that you can use on your projects.
Paying attention to your tattoo fonts is important as paying attention to your tattoo designs because most arts carved on the flesh include these few of the most popular languages in tattoos such as the lines from certain songs, quotes, a poem, someone’s name, a birth date and etc.
Today we are showcasing you some fonts that can truly be called tattoo fonts and these fonts can really add the desired oomph effect to your tattoo designs.
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Majority of designing jobs almost always require the use of some font, thus it is beneficial if you have a number of useful fonts at your disposal. As the name suggests, these fonts are commonly used for skin art but nevertheless, they are also great when used on other artworks.
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Please have a look, and let us know if you have some other fonts in your sight that you can add as a tattoo font.
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You can download all of these fonts for free but some are not available to be used on commercial projects.

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You need to contact their respective authors first and ask their permission if you intend to use them for profit.

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