Our blog is a collection of past, present and future events we are proud of, as well as shop announcements such as guest artist appearances, and conventions we will be attending.
Founded in 2010 in New York City, to provide quality custom tattoos and piercings, in a safe, clean and friendly environment.
This website showcases the creative energies of Canman, Angela Cannistraro & Kelly Carvara.
I've spent my life creating creatures and scenes and trying to bring them from my realm of imagination into the physical world we all cohabit. Custom work takes time to prepare so contact me as soon as possible with your ideas to get a unique and well planned out tattoo.
I found the art of tattooing early in life and have had a passion for it ever since I got my very first one at 18 years old. Starting out Alex had no one to teach him the art or take him under their wing, so he learned from looking through magazines, trial and error, and an unwavering desire to master the craft.

Not long after, I was apprenticing in a small shop in South Florida where I learned the basics of the craft and how to make an image that fit the client and flowed with both their bodies and personality.
Learning with homemade inks and machines his first break came a few years into tattooing when a friend came back to Mexico from Los Angeles with professional-grade machines, ink, and flash sheets that Alex was able to buy off him. I collaborated with the artist to create my first tattoo, so I know the importance of having a unique design, even if it is a classic theme. Through his years in Mexico tattooing he rose to become one of the top known and respected artists and owned a few different shops as well. I have tattooed in NYC since 2005 and enjoy tattooing a broad range of subjects from bright floral, to dark skulls, watercolor style and lettering.
Receiving awards for his tattooing work he decided to come to NYC in 2001 to pursue his career even further and begin to work alongside the artists he had respected so long from the magazines. Able to work in any medium and style the customer prefers is what makes Alex so versatile as an artist.

I always see it as an opportunity for me to keep growing and developing my artistic vocabulary.
His preferred medium is black and grey and photo realism but can do whatever tattoo you would like him to. When not at home making art, I can be found in New York City sketching on long train rides to kill time bound for Studio 28 Tattoos, where I work full time.

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