In different Eastern religion scriptures the Om is a symbol of rich and deep meaning that extends into the universe.
As you look at the Om you find the graceful flowing lines curving upward and downward representing the whole of life and existence.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Asian Tattoos, Treble Clef Tattoos, Chicano Tattoos and Kanji Tattoos. The strong lines of the Om draw your eye in this bold tattoo while the red and black fire patterns frame in the symbol.
The Om symbol with Sanskrit words written around in a circle sits inked on the bare back of this beautiful Indian woman. The shape of an Om combines with a face with closed eyes in this modern Indian tattoo design idea. Delicate brown feathers and curved vines make up the Om on a shaded brown base in this foot tattoo design. This small Om symbol inked in flowy black patterns and curves looks beautiful on the woman’s neck. The man has the Om symbol inked in shades of black a little above his outer wrist in this picture. Patterns with curves, paisley motifs, and half-flower shapes come together in this traditional Om tattoo design. The tiny Om inked on the wrist goes beautifully with the Rudraksh bracelets worn by the man in this picture. Styled with strong flowing lines this Om tattoo outline is shaded with blue for a touch of 3D effect. Here is a look at the Om symbol inked in solid black as it sits surrounded by delicately lined patterned petals in the tattoo design. This Om symbol in rich black is bound with a double-lined circle that is decorated with traditional Indian designs.
Pink petals with delicate shades of blue make up the lotus with the Om inked at the fiery orange center of the flower.

Ganesha holds a lotus in his trunk in the groove formed by the upper curve of this Om religious tattoo.
The patterns of a fire and the Om symbol come together in this single colored tattoo design while a Sanskrit mantra frames the patterns in this circular tattoo design.
Shaded in pink and green this colorful tattoo shows an Om rising from the heart of the lotus. The Om symbol blends in with the delicate lines and shapes with flying butterflies in this tattoo on the woman’s back. Graceful petals surround the Om symbol in this overlapping flower ornamental tattoo of many colors.
Inked in simple black lines this flowy Indian tattoo showcases the Om symbol alongside the face of the elephant-headed god Ganesha. The delicate shades of a lotus in pink make up the tattoo design, while the Om sits at the heart of the largest central petal.
The Om sits at the center of this stunning orange ball of fire with shades of yellow to add a realistic effect.
Take a look at this tattoo design with the intricately patterned elephant-headed god Ganesha as he sits in the curve of the large Om.
This vividly colored spiritual tattoo combines blue waves and fire with an Om symbol and an all-seeing eye cradled in a violet lotus. A full-blooming lotus surrounded by Indian traditional motifs surround the Om at the heart of this foot tattoo design. With black motifs in the background this Om tattoo sits brilliantly inked in red below the man’s collar bone. Om is the first letter or syllable of a sanscrit phrase Om Mani Pemi Hung (many spellings) It means the jewel inside the lotus.It refers to the lotus which grows out of a dirty swamp, a symbol for mankind.
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Lotus om tattoo tattoosymbol., Om is the primeval audible and inaudible sound of hindu creation also thought to mysteriously embody the very essense of the universe. A beautiful symbol that is used to express the source of all creation and life, the Om holds secrets far older than written texts.
The syllable is considered to be the first sound of life, and the many Om Tattoos you find use variations on this theme. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. This symbol is used in chanting spiritual texts, and has been a part of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain meditative practices for centuries. Inspired by the many meanings associated with the symbol tattoo artists have come up with designs celebrating the Om.
The lotus, an ancient symbol of deep consciousness and beauty is often used in an Om tattoo design. You also find many tattoos that club the Om symbol with the head of Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god.
The curves of the elephant-head and Ganesha’s divine rounded form and the arches of the Om flow into each other quite naturally. Many designs also have the Om framed in a line of Sanskrit chants in a circular design that symbolizes the eternal circle of life.

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