Now that almost everything can be done electronically and over the internet, we are adding dating to the list. Greg Hodge wrote on the Huffington Post that half of the people on dating sites lie about their information somehow.
What is our opinion now about going on a dating site instead of finding someone the old fashion way? This entry was written by Meghan Roan, posted on November 14, 2012 at 4:27 pm, filed under Uncategorized.
I personally do not think that I would ever go on an online dating site because I think meeting someone for the first time is half the rush of a new relationship. I see nothing wrong with online dating as long as the individuals are smart about it and will not cause harm to any parties involved. Not only can you shop, connect to the World Wide Web, communicate with people all over the world, we have to now add dating to one of the many things we do online.

However, I understand why people are on online dating site: not a lot of time, new in town, etc.
If someone doesn’t have the proper mental equipment to filter through the lies or false light, then online dating becomes a negative thing.
Dating is one act that I was certain was never going to make it into something I can do online. This is not to say that men don’t lie because they do, but they lies are more about their job status than their looks. Since I was allowed to start dating, I knew that if I wanted someone to notice me I had to look good to catch their eye, until online dating can along. This show will not online shine light on the reality of online dating, but will show it’s young audience that you must be aware of the risks and dangers of doing so. Basically, a camera crew and one main guy finds people who are in online dating relationships but have NEVER met the person actually IN person.

Now, you can date without ever leaving the comfort of your home while being in the comfort of your sweatpants! That whole situation really blew my mind, but it happens so often, because people don’t always tell little white lies such as their weight online, but they might be lying about literally who they are. I think online dating is great if it works out for that person, but it absolutely is such a huge risk.

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