Removing image backgrounds is one of the important tasks if you’re trying to make banners, infographics, and other images.
Well, it’s time to know if we can really give Photoshop a break and use these simple online tools to remove image backgrounds. Well, I can’t believe I am saying this but Clipping Magic is probably the best online tool that can outrun Photoshop for removing image backgrounds. Once you upload the image, you’ll see two copies of the image, one is the original file while the other is the preview of the output.
Online image Editor is another great website which hosts a lot of image editing tools. Background removal tool is one of the useful tools among them. There are three kinds of transparency tools to use, single-click fuzz tool, transparent line tool, and transparent box tool. With the online image editor you can save your images online or download them to your local computer.
At the moment it is not yet possible to upload images directly to LinkedIn, Photobook, Facebook or other social media. But let me tell you it isn’t that easy to learn and master Photoshop and it takes a lot of practice to learn the basic image editing tools in Photoshop.

You can do this simply with Photoshop but not all of you have much acquaintance with Photoshop or may have a basic PC configuration which can’t handle the graphic-intensive software. Also, your PC needs some mercy from all those heavy graphic-grinding software, isn’t that right? Clipping Magic is a fantastic online tool that makes it easy to remove image backgrounds online in a matter of seconds. Two brushes are provided for the task, the Green brush is used to mark everything you want while the red brush is used to mark the backgrounds. You need to subscribe any of their pricing plans (starting from $3.99) to be able to download the images. Both of them offer the same functionality like output preview, red and green brushes etc… but Background Burner has a bit simpler interface. This website is one of the best online tools to remove backgrounds but it doesn’t do well with complex backgrounds.
You can set the fuzz factor, brush width and other factors to make your images transparent.
Well, don’t take a back step yet as we have many other programs and online tools which will help you achieve the same result as Photoshop.

Removing single-color backgrounds is quite easy but things get tricky with complex backgrounds. All you need to do is to upload an image, a few dragging and drawing out the backgrounds. Most of the task is performed by the tool within the blink of an eye while the rest of minor correction can be easily taken care by you with the provided tools. However, don’t be extra vigilant and color every nook and cranny of the image, just show the required parts and Clipping Magic will surprise you with the results. Eventually, it would come down to your personal preference to choose between these two services. Today we will show you some online tools which will help you master your image background removing skill.
It’s sad that Clipping Magic is no longer free but Background Burner has got your back. Just upload the image in the website, click on Wizards » Transparency to remove the image backgrounds.

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