Travis Rice has expanded his impressive roster of projects with the opening of the Asymbol Gallery in Jackson Hole. Their carefully curated selection offers both sentiment of modern art movement as well as a chance to own pieces from a slew of today's up and coming artists.
These talented artists we chose to show today on our pages come from United Kingdom, Poland, New Zealand, Hungary and Brazil.
Mork Ulnes Architects have designed this inspiring alpine chalet located in Placer County, California, in 2015. N House by Iida Archiship Studio is located in Karuizawa, Japan, a popular vacation destination.
Last night MILK hosted Travis Rice’s brainchild, Asymbol Gallery, and their brilliant collection of skate and snow inspired art and photography.

The gallery will serve as a creative hub and marketplace for art and photos from the worlds of snow, surf and skate. No matter how hectic our daily schedule is we still spend those few precious moments of our free time looking for ever inspiring art, design, and architecture on our tumblrs, pinterest boards, blogs… tirelessly sharing it with our friends on Facebook or Twitter. What caught our eye in work displayed at Saatchi Online Gallery is an ethereal mix of architecture and design in those thrilling canvases, and prints. Along with every image discover their names, as we mentioned earlier all of the pieces come from Saatchi Online Gallery. The place was packed with NYC art aficionados, skaterboarders, snowboarders and beautiful women, making it not unlike most of the space’s stellar events.
Co-curated by Mike Parillo and launching with the works of Mike Parillo, Jamie Lynn, Ari Marcopoulos, Scott Lenhardt, Tim Zimmerman, Danny Zapalac, Adam Haynes, Jeff Curtes, Nick Russian, Mike Blabac, Matt French, Trent Mitchell as well as pieces from the I Am Snowboarding collection, all works included have never been available for purchase before.

Asymbol has a teched-out online gallery on their website and will also be traveling their collection as a pop-up in cities around the world.
Collection includes four black and white prints in two sizes plus a signed and numbered provenance card from the artist.

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