The Breather Tape is installed at the front or leading edge of the multiwall sheet prior to fitting of the PVC Closure trim and prevents dust and insect ingress whilst allowing the sheet to breathe. To build this hydroponic water culture system we used a 48 qt Sterilite storage tote (with lid) for the growing chamber.  This is a good modular design, so you can easily scale it up or down to include as many growing chambers as you want. You can find inexpensive dual output air pumps at Wal-Mart for as little as $12, or single output ones for as little as $7. Now lay some newspaper down and place the lid on it top side up, and place the storage tote bottom side up. Now make a small hole in the center of the lid, large enough to run the flexible air line through it.
Now fill the net pots with the growing medium and plants, then place net pots in the holes you cut for them earlier. This is usually done by floating a sheet of Styrofoam on top, and cutting holes to fit baskets that hold the plants in them.

You will just want to make sure the air pump can supply each chamber with a good solid stream of air bubbles.
Make sure you don’t cut the holes to big or the net pots will fall through the holes. Paint both black, painting them black will block any light from getting inside the growing chamber. Make sure the container is sitting level so the water level will be level, then turn on air pump on and watch your plants grow. This design will be slightly different in that the lid of the container will contain the holes that hold the baskets with the plants suspended above the nutrient solution. When deciding on an air pump, the more air bubbles the better in general, just keep in mind that if you add more air stones it will space out the distribution of the bubbles, but there will be less air bubbles coming out of each stone.
This is important because it helps to keep the nutrient temp down, as well as the temp of the root zone.

You’ll want the growing medium to be able to wick up the water, but not be fully submerged.
Make sure you only paint the outside of the container, if you paint the inside it will contaminate your nutrient solution. Nutrient temperatures is very important to your plants health, so you will want to get all the help you can against high temperatures.
Then firmly connect the lid to the growing chamber and connect line from the growing chamber to the air pump.

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