Wireless Internet & Mobile ComputingI have been analyzing wireless communications for 31 years.
Previously, I created the world's first wireless data newsletter, wireless data conference, cellular conference and FM radio subcarrier newsletter. Julian Barnes: Arthur and GeorgeSir Arthur Conan Doyle and an English vicar in a detective novel based on real events. China Mieville: Iron CouncilChina Mieville writes some of the most amazing fantasy I've ever read.

William Faulkner: The Sound and the FuryBought this more than 30 years ago and finally reading it.
A busy signal fan capturing the moment of a mom who was dancing to Busy Signal's tunes- Photo by Nicholas Oneal. The Gagamel CEO, Bebe Cool posing next to the Progress that will be won on the day of the Battle of the Champions. Morgan: Market ForcesThe near future, where corporations rule the world and knock off executives in automobile death matches.

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