Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot. As facial recognition and virtual try-on technologies continue to improve, there is an opportunity to use this innovation for the cosmetics industry. Makeover Studio, which can be used on Daily Makeover’s standalone site and is licensed to more than 60 beauty brands, including Avon and Mary Kay, and web media publishers, lets women upload a picture of themselves (or use a model’s picture) and then try on makeup and hair styles virtually.
The new version of Makeover Studio (which will be released later this week) includes new rendering functionality, visualization technology and face-tracing capabilities. Of course, makeup is a set of products that is difficult to buy (especially if the product is pricey) without seeing what it looks like on your face. There’s no doubt that buying and trying on makeup online is certainly disruptive to the cosmetics industry. Girando per la rete mi e stato segnalata una applicazione online che potrebbe fare la felicita di tutte le ragazze che quotidianamente si divertono a navigare in rete ma potrebbe far passare qualche ora di sano divertimento anche ai maschietti. Sul sito di una notissima societa di cosmetici e stato lanciato infatti un servizio online chiamato Virtual Makeover, che simula praticamente l’arte di truccarsi. Ovviamente questa funzione permettera alle ragazze di sperimentare nuovi trucchi e acconciature tuttavia non puo che venirmi in mente l’effetto esilarante che puo derivare dal caricare la foto di un ragazzo, magari di un vostro amico, e inviargli una foto truccato e acconciato come una ragazza! Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Daily Makeover is a virtual makeover site combined with information on hairstyles, makeup, fashion etc. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.
This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Status Audio hopes to buck the trend of expensive celebrity-endorsed headphones by selling direct to consumers. The processor is the brain of a computer -- but understanding the difference between processors requires a lot of brainpower of your own! With Hollywood Hair Makeover, you can try on your favorite star styles and colors before you make a trip to the salon.
The World Golf Tour experience allows golf enthusiasts to play the world’s most challenging and exclusive courses through superior HD graphics on a PC or Mac platform for free, no download or software needed. Picartia is cool as well, my brothers daughter loves IMVU and I believe it has some strict parent controls on it too.

He owns the patent on the process of creating photomosaics so I’d be interested in learned how if at all you’ve addressed this issue? For those who don’t know, HYPick is an easy way to post and share online content with others.
For those who dona€™t know, HYPick is an easy way to post and share online content with others.
Last year, we reviewed Taaz, a virtual makeover site that lets you alter the makeup and hair of a photo of yourself (or a celeb like Angelina Jolie). The latest version has also added a more expansive list of makeup finishes, including satin, matte, metallic, shimmer, stained, dewy, sheer, and glossy in an attempt to show the reality of the finish of the makeup on a woman’s skin. Daily Makeover says that Makeover Studio’s technology can help bridge this gap in the online space for cosmetics, perhaps now allowing women to get the same trying-on opportunities they would find in a department or retail store for a cosmetics company. But I’m still a little skeptical as to whether the online experience is the same as trying on a product at the beauty counter. Per capirsi potrete manipolare le foto di alcune modelle truccandole e pettinandole a piacimento. Se avete consigli, domande o idee da proporre, progetti da sponsorizzare o qualsiasi cosa possa esser utile, contattatemi.
The choice of hairstyles, cosmetics, looks, accessories available is quite extensive and you could completely transform the look of the picture. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
Like a dodgy employee with their hand caught in the till and given one last chance, Chinese computer and smartphone manufacturer Lenovo has been pushing flawed bloatware on its users. Just like an old-school text-based messenger, you download IMVU’s software onto your PC. WGT’s online community allows friends, families and golf fans to play a round of golf simultaneously, competing in tournaments for prizes, sharing scores, testing out the newest equipment and reading the latest news in the golfing world.
This can provide some very interesting information, particularly in areas with microclimates.A  The data comes from a combination of personal weather stations that are run from homes and schools as well as national weather services. Why just watch your favorite video game trailers when you can mash them, mix them, and make them your very own?
I took my picture changed my hairstyle virtually of course and now I am headding to my parler. This week, startup Daily Makeover is launching a new version of its similar product, Makeover Studio, which could make the online makeover process even more detailed and easy to use.

When a woman uploads the photo onto the platform, her face is instantly traced using facial recognition technology so that all the different application techniques such as a smoky eye shadow effect or a blush technique can be superimposed on her face in the correct area. Makeover Studio has added an option for women to adjust the placement and coverage levels of foundations, concealers, lip colors, eye shadows, mascara, and blush. When you try on the product at a beauty counter, you see the technique of putting a particular eyeliner or blush on, which isn’t shown on the Makeover Studio.
Ma la cosa piu interessante e di sicuro un’altra, la possibilita di caricare una propria foto e di modificarla e truccarla come meglio si vuole. Their main tool which is the one that does online virtual makeover is called Makeover Studio and it is similar to the online makeover tool Taaz, which I wrote about sometime back. It allows women to become their very own makeup artist and create the perfect look for any occasion.To get started, just upload your pic and try out the makeover you want.
It’s unclear if masses of women will trust that the makeover technology using virtual tools, such as Makeover Studio, is as accurate as actually trying on makeup.
Here we are listing down few of the unique free websites that are fun to use for everyone of you.
You can browse for new clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, pets, furniture and more in the IMVU catalog.
Most of their users would print it in large size and use it as a poster for their office or room wall. That being said, if you can combine the experiences of trying on and learning how to use a cosmetic product into an e-commerce platform, this could closely resemble the experience at the beauty counter. This is the post in which you will know about 8 Excellent Free Websites To Enjoy Your Weekend Or Just For Fun. All the products are created by IMVU users and thousands of new items are added every day. Some users even use it in their blogs, websites or post it as an online gift to their friends on different occasions like school gatherings or birthdays.

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