A special thanks goes to Derek Cook and Harrison Frazier for putting lots of time and effort into it.
As we move into the Christmas season, we look forward to several large events this spring semester. You can view calender events on left hand side and read articles submitted by the officers. To start off the spring semester, we have a very extravagant Convivium planned out to be held on January 11th of 2014.

Epsilon Nu will be co-hosting this year’s celebration with us in addition to what we expect to be a large turnout from our distinguished alumni. There will be RSVP letters arriving in the mail over Christmas, as well as an online registration form on this website that can be accessed HERE.
This past semester we have gained five new members that we expect will contribute to the upward success of Kappa.
There have been several alumni events where we the brothers have enjoyed meeting alumni throughout Kappa’s years.

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