Cox then took it upon herself to rid the mall of what she perceived to be indecent material for youth by buying all 19 T-shirts in stock, for a total of $567. Cox also has contacted two organizations with a history of successfully stopping the spread of indecent material and subject matter on TV, in movies and in print media, Women for Decency and One Million Moms. Strike one for the mothers and fathers out there that have wished they had the extra money in their pockets to buy all the magazines in the checkout aisle at their local grocery store.
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One Utah mom was so fed up with the "indecent" t-shirts at her local PacSun that she bought the entire stock just to get them off the shelves. A mom says that shirts are indecent, then goes on to buy them all from a PacSun store is one strange news story trending this week.
Once complete, their shirt is entered into a global gallery – designers of the highest rated shirts receive prize packages from PacSun along with their design printed. Cyborg rose unveiled with embedded electronicsAncient flea preserved in amber discovered harboring ancestral black deathSweet Smell of Success!
Lee has lived all over the United states in his quest to understand the different subcultures throughout this nation.

Considered extremely successful by PacSun, each monthly contest span has averaged over 5,000 unique design submissions.

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