When you start shopping for free printable wall stencils for painting, you’ll find everything from spray paint stencils to stencils for embroidery and iron-on transfers. Living room is the most important room of your house that is why you must pay proper attention to its decoration and styling.
These Clematis stencils capture the perfect proportions and graceful curves of a real garden clematis vine in bud. Whether you’re providing pretty scenery on a concrete-block garden wall, or dressing up your dining room, free printable stencils will turn you from a painter into an artist!
There are, however, many stencils meant specifically for stenciling your walls, and will work best for this application.
Whether you want to go all out and decorate the dining room with a Christmas stencil, or bring Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, or Thanksgiving to the fore, there are free printable stencils that will provide you with the perfect tools to create holiday beauty in your home. The stencil of the Nguni people has great possibilities, with the angular arrow and softness of the wave symbols.
If you are lazy to design, you can buy a flower-shaped stickers that are available in stores or surfing the internet or ask the designer to design the flowers to your home.
This stencil makes a stunning accent above the sofa or table, above the bed or pretty much any wall space.

If you love nature, then you’ll love all of the free printable stencils available with nature themes. Print off these stencils, transfer the pattern to stencil material and cut it out, and you have a stencil you can use over and over again. It’s not unusual to see the classic wings (that you normally find on either side of a skull or heart) stenciled on either side of a little girl’s toy vanity mirror. Overlap it, use different colors, create your own allover stencil pattern, add shading - possibilities are endless. You can find free printable stencils with beach, ocean, forest, garden, and any other symbol or theme from nature. Free printable stencils can beautify your house for nothing more than the cost of printer paper.
Make your own slipcover for the ottoman in the man-cave, sporting the logo of your favorite team. Use it over simple latex paint, plaster, faux finish background and even wallpaper if it is in decent condition.This stencil is so easy to use, virtually anyone can do it. There are many more free printable stencils available to turn your little one’s nursery into a fantasy land.

Simply tape the stencil to the wall using BLUE painter's tape, then load your foam roller with a paint of your choice (latex or acrylic). In our many years of professional stenciling this material has proven to be far superior than any other stencil material we used. Sure, the baby won’t know who those adorable creatures parading round his walls, but you will!
You may want to download free printable stencils of flourishes, and decorate that little section of wall over each doorway. What fun parents can have recreating their own childhood memories with the help of free printable stencils of their favorite characters or themes.

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