Roots can signify a great support system for the basis of more complex things that will materialize from a strong foundation.
Although trees mean many different things to many different groups of people, all groups revere them as mystical icons and evolutionary objects of significant strength.
Modern society can attribute the contemporary interpretations of the rree of life to Charles Darwin. This may be the most popular of all the tree tattoos simply because it paints the big picture of what a tree symbolizes: a strong support system for abundant life, a fruitful existence that begets vitality and the means to continue this way over and over again. The mighty oak tree is also highly decorative as a tattoo, and is far rifer with meaning than the palm.
Perhaps the most beloved tree in the world is the cherry blossom tree, also called the sakura tree. One of the most delicate and beautiful of the tree tattoos, it is typically tattooed on the side or back, with branches leading up to the neck, shoulders or arms. The nature of the symbolism and the design of the tree itself call for very delicate and intricate detail with well rendered pink blossoms. Maybe the tree of life reminds you too much of religion or that philosophy course in college you snoozed through. Apple Tree — found in teachers’ classrooms everywhere while also purporting to keep the doctor away, the seemingly humble apple was the object of three Greek goddesses’ desires when they decided to bribe a young prince for the Golden Apple, which was to be awarded only to the most beautiful of the three. Magnolia — you’re independent, strong, beautiful, love nature and have weathered many storms. Birch Tree — if you’ve turned over a new leaf, no pun intended, the birch tree may appeal to you as it symbolizes rebirth, renewal and new beginnings. The dead tree is usually used to memorialize the death of a close friend or family member, and is an artistic rendering of grief, mourning and loss.
If a tree isn't your idea of a quiet, discreet tattoo, yet you still want to have a symbolic design, you can use leaves instead. Whatever your personal or symbolic preferences in getting a tree tattoo, they are some of the most beautiful and artistic tattoos available. Here's a gallery with a selection of tree tattoos you will like, designs include willows, oaks, pine trees, family tree tattoos, psychedelic trees, all in combination with birds, hearts, skulls, etc.
The Celtic tree of life tattoo symbolizes this ancient culture's views on spirituality and the connection between heaven and earth. To the Celts, trees weren't just plants, they were highly spiritual beings that bridged between the worlds. It's also interesting to note that although the Celts believed in the tree of life, it wasn't until around 800 A.D.
The Celts held that there were seven forms of life, and any or all can be incorporated somewhere within the tree to create a very vivid design.
When you're working with a knot work tattoo design, it's often best to stick with a single color in light and dark values so you don't loose the essence of the knots themselves. Since this tattoo literally cries out for details, it usually winds up being a bigger piece than the average tattoo.

The following websites have a number of tree of life designs you can contemplate to gain inspiration for your personal tattoo. Tree of life designs may all have some basic elements in common, but you can use your individual sense of style to make your own tattoo special. Tattoos are becoming more and more popular than ever before and the designs are getting more and more creative especially when it comes to tropical ore tribal style tattoos which are more in demand than ever. Below is my favorite Hawaiian store for those extra tropical things you may need to create that exotic look in your home or office.
Below are my favorite nurseries and tropical decor outlets to get everything you'll need to complete the look of your home! They are deeply personal and can convey an individual’s cultural origins, spiritual or religious aspirations and beliefs. There are several trees in ancient Egyptian mythology that tell the story of this notion, among them the acacia, the sycamore and the tamarisk trees. The dragon embodies the soul of a person, while the phoenix represents resurrection and rebirth. Buddhists may choose this particular tree for their tattoo design since it would have more meaning to them religiously. His evolutionary tree of life was a diagram that showed the connection between species—in existence and extinct—and how they relate to each other over time. Many people who choose to get this tattoo see it as a representative of the interconnectedness of the world and our place in it.
It implies strength, growth, the connection of all living things to a past and present, the link of all beings to one another and how all these things work together to spawn and sustain new life into an ever evolving circle of… you guessed it: life. As they are a more elongated, rather than rounded, they are often featured on the arms and legs.
One of the most popular ways to use the willow in tree tattoos is to use it to symbolize the memory of a lost loved one. This tree has been revered by Asian cultures for many centuries, and the cherry blossom tree tattoos are thought to show understanding and reverence for the cycle of life in all of its fleeting beauty. It is often filled with Japanese style shaping of the tree limbs, as this is thought to be the most pleasing form.
Not only did they set in motion the events that led to the Trojan War, they made the sought after fruit a symbol of beauty, youth, knowledge, temptation and sin. You can work them around existing tattoos in exciting and fun ways and can perhaps, finally see the forest for the trees. In many tattoos, the branches and the roots entwine around each other to form an unbroken ring of knots that frames the entire work of art. Imagine a gnarled trunk that, on closer inspection, reveals the withered face of a man or woman.
However, you might want to consider going the fantasy route and make use of a rainbow of colors in your design. This makes it a good candidate for a back or chest mural so you can take advantage of the larger canvas.

Rather than copy one outright, try to put your own spin on it or give your tattoo artist the freedom to modify the design for you. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories.
It is thought to have a strong Celtic overtone in the overall rounded shape, and can be found almost anywhere on the body. Palm tree tattoos work beautifully alongside flower tattoos, and are a favorite for women, in particular.
The oak tree has had its place in ancient religions, and was and still is considered to have qualities of courage. As the weeping willow has such long and hanging branches, many people prefer to have the trunk and main part of the willow tattooed on the back, with the branches dripping down the arms or neck. Native to both America and Asia, this popular tree has been a symbol of beauty and resiliency for centuries. It can be placed anywhere on the body, but, like other tree tattoos, the back is a favorite spot for the dead tree.
Its roots were set in the underworld, its branches stretched high into heaven, and its trunk existed in the earthly plane. In other designs, the roots and branches form separate bundles of knots connected only by a twisted trunk. This would look especially good if you decide you really do want to incorporate creatures and other enhancements to your basic tree.
That said, it is possible to create a simpler and therefore smaller design that will fit on an upper arm or ankle.
This way, you respect the original artist's work, and you won't wind up with the exact same tattoo as someone else. However, oak tree tattoos are also beautifully decorative, and may have no more deeper meaning than the joy of a gorgeous tattoo. It is usually one of the larger of the tree tattoos, simply because of its beautiful hanging branches and overall shape. The Druids believed the tree was a conduit between the worlds and that the gods used it to communicate with the humans below. There’s also a rich mythology about the residents of this tree, however, to really delve into this is another topic for another day. These are the main elements of the design, but you can be as creative as you want with the details. As you can imagine, there's no shortage of combinations you can use to make your tree of life tattoo different from any other you've ever seen.

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