Today we are seeing that popular locations for a Maori tattoo is the arm, it may be the top of the shoulder and down the arm. They are well known for their rich culture which includes the tradition of permanently marking their skins with tattoos. Now also for the Maori, each pattern of their tattoo is a symbol of personal identification showing their rank, status and ancestry.

Basically Maori tattoos come in single color of black, but you can ask your tattoo artist for infusing some colors in it. And the another big advantage of arm tattoo design we have said so many times is that they are highly visible and at the same time being totally concealable. Women used to get tattoos less frequently than men at Maori culture and their tattoos used to be on the lips, chin or shoulders.

You can see pattern of design which is mainly composed of curves and lines that are usually arranged in a spiral motion.

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