Posts related to tribal-tattoo-sleeve-drawingsTribal Sleeve TattoosTribal sleeve tattoos are excellent option to those who are longing cool look. In the case of New Tribals, it is the decoration surrounding the central element that marks them as tribal. The lion is the king of all animals, a religious symbol and the embodiment of pure power, so it's not hard to where the attraction of lion tattoos comes from.
Generally speaking, tribal tattoos have a masculine energy about them, given their bold, thick lines. More feminine tribals have the same recognizable patterns, but they tend to be smaller and more self contained. Tribal designs are known for bold and simple patterns made with flowing strokes, and many tribal dragon motifs have these patterns in common.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Polynesian Tattoos, Hand Tattoos, Free Tattoo Pictures and Cool Tattoos Pictures. Check out this delicately inked tribal dragon tattoo in which some areas of the outlined shape are filled in black for an artistic look.
A graceful tribal dragon arches over the Feng Shui symbol in a delicate curve in this traditional lucky tattoo design. The dancing curves depict the power of the majestic wings beautifully in this flying tribal dragon motif. Artistic curves and straight lines combine to make the powerful stylized head of a tribal dragon with the Chinese language script in blue completing the design.
Check out the powerful legs that hold the body of the dragon upright in this bold graphic design style tribal tattoo. The great wings have been depicted with a pattern of interlocking lines in this black dragon tattoo design. The vertical form of a dragon with its head raised looks great as a tribal tattoo on the side of the body.
The head of this tribal dragon lies close to the ground as its body arches upward in this leg tattoo.
A huge curve and a play of a few simple lines is all it takes to depict a tribal dragon in its abstract form.
Curvy shapes and arches with points interlock in this stylish leg tribal dragon tattoo design. Snake like patterns curve downward as this snake dragon is shown with its mouth open wide in the tattoo design. Four lines curve artistically to depict the wings in this beautiful freshly inked tribal dragon tattoo. An intricate pattern of lines with spaces in-between go into making this powerful tribal dragon motif on the upper arm. Styled with a series of lines curving downward and delicate ink strokes this dragon tattoo comes with a red-eye for a striking effect. Flowy black lines intermesh and curve with spider web-like patterns in this tribal tattoo design. A pattern of branches just like a tree come into play in this artistic tribal dragon tattoo. This beautiful stomach tattoo design shows a dragon with its face in a direct line with the navel and wings outstretched in flight. Check out the criss-cross patterns made by the dragon in this faded tattoo design near the shoulder.
This arm tattoo design captures the awesome action of the dragon and the tiger facing off with each other.
Take a look at the stylish curves of this dragon tattoo inked in a traditional Chinese design on the leg.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you have a chance to look at some of the tattoo designs in an online membership gallery, you will discover thousands and thousands of very high quality images that can be used straight away as your new tattoo.
Whether it is a modern colorful design, or a very old traditional pattern that features the unique black lines and curves of the Polynesian arts, the design of tribal style is among the most fascinating and demanding patterns sported by many men and women around the world these days.
You can either pick a design beforehand, or request the artist to churn out a unique work that suits the meaning and image that you want.
The more popular designs are those that are customized to wrap around the arm, place at the upper back and chest for men, and the lower back for women. Just like any design, tribal symbol can be placed anywhere on the body to suit your need, and it will never be outdated.
Covering a very large triangular area in the central and southern parts of the Pacific Ocean, and stretching from New Zealand to Hawaii and Easter Island, this vast oceanic region is depicted as the Polynesian Triangle which made up of at least one thousand islands. Some major ethnic groups residing in these areas are the Native Hawaiians, Maori of New Zealand, French Polynesian, Tonga of Cook Islands, Samoa, Marquesas, and etc. The table below explains eight locations on the face that has different significance for inking Maori Moko. While Polynesian tattoos offer a unique style to the wearer, they certainly look great when placed on the shoulders, arms, and chest.
A few popular types of reptiles are often landed on the body of the males and females as tattoos, whether to adorn the body or to speak an important statement. Lizards, particularly the gecko species, are often found on someone’s shoulder, back of neck, leg, and bellybutton.

The long creature is often thought to be serpentine, but some people are viewing it more positively. Turtle tattoo with tribal and cartoon styles are two of the most popular designs to the younger generation.
Some good body locations to ink a turtle is on the leg, shoulder, stomach, back of neck, upper back, and chest. While tattoo speaks a crucial statement for its bearer, it is also used to embellish the body. Of course, there are plenty of popular tattoo designs besides the five options given above. Tribal artwork with thick lines and curves is probably one of the oldest forms of patterns created by mankind which can be traced back to thousands of years.
Each day there are thousands of new and innovative work of arts added to the picture albums in different tattoo parlors and websites on the internet. Although most tribal artworks are created in solid black, their key features and attractions are on the design innovation with creative and symmetrical wide lines and curves in a variety of patterns.
While you can pre-select an artwork from various sources, an artist can also help to work out the entire design by taking feedback from you.  You should also provide ideas to tweak the motif as it goes along.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Here you can find an overview of symbols that are often combined with tribal tattoo designs. The tribal version is often black and has the usual tribal patterns, sometimes encircling a symbol like a cross or yin yang sign. People have always (literally) looked up to and worshipped that mysterious glowing sphere, that's why it appears in so many legends. A good example might be the tribal butterfly tattoo, a popular choice for an ankle or shoulder tattoo. The stories and legends woven around the dragon are many, and they tell you about this powerful mythical creature with a snake-like body and great wings.
See how the ink lines dance down to make a streamlined shape for the lower part of the body. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. In addition to the traditional tribal works of arts, you will find that almost all categories of tattoos have something designed in the tribal theme. When he or she is drawing out the artwork, you can provide an instant feedback and make changes if you want.
The skeleton, Scorpio, cross sign, skulls, lettering and the remarkable arts of the Polynesian and Egyptian are some of the most popular choices.
It is very important to spend time checking out more designs and understand the meanings behind the prints.
Their arts consist of various unique circles, spirals, curves and lines that make the artworks so attractive and pretty. It refers to a tattooing process, or carving of skin on face and body using an “uhi” or bone chisel by a tohunga, or a priest during rituals and ceremonies. If you think that the tattoo is cool and pretty, you can avoid picking those designs that carried the attributes and representation of the Maori cultures. With beautiful black curving lines, spirals and circles, the Maori symbols are certainly a popular choice for many people today. Sometimes, the tattoo may appear in cartoon style with a combination of green, blue and yellow colors.
A snake tattoo can simply wrap around someone’s hand or leg, or appear in an attacking pose on the upper arm, shoulder, chest, lower back and upper back. To the Chinese, people who are born in the year of snake (base on the Chinese zodiac calendar), will enjoy the abundance of wealth. Because of its mostly positive symbolism, the little amphibian is welcomed in most cultures. Today, inking has become so common and popular that you can easily find someone having a tat just standing next to you. Tribal tattoo is probably the most searched artworks on the internet, and the history can be traced back to thousands of years.
The lower back is women’s favorite spot to display tattoos because it is the most exotic and sensual part of a woman’s body. For people of Celtic descent, they like to wear Celtic symbols to embellish the body and to speak a statement for them. After selecting the type of motif to ink, you can consider making the artwork to be very innovation and imaginative, depending on your personal preference and taste. These artworks were sported by the indigenous people across different cultures all over the world.  Some of the symbols signified protection and spirituality, and to certain tribes, the tattoo indicates a person’s social rank, wealth, affiliation, ancestry and the deeds of courage and strength. The inking industry has been on a boom over the years because more and more people are sporting tattoos, and the demand of quality artworks is on a rising trend. Some of the popular and modern choices are the dragons, skulls, animals, butterflies and patterns that wrap around the arms, shoulder, chest or back.
A dragon is considered a symbol of great luck among the Chinese, and tattoo artists create gorgeous designs with tribal motifs to depict this legendary Chinese creature. You also find dragon tattoos showing this magnificent creature with its head raised and wings opened out for flying.

Depending on the size and the amount of details you want to have on your tattoo, the inking can take an hour to a few hours. Some of the remarkable and creative works of arts can be seen through the popular Samoan, Hawaiian and Maori tattoo designs. This inking method is quite different from the present-day tattoo which is created using needles.
Tattooing is sacred to the tribesmen, and it helps to convey their ancestry, social status, family ranking and identity. It is advisable to research the cultural significance behind those designs and learn the significance of the Maori tattoo meanings.
While the Moko looks different from one tribe to another, the design can be creative and focus on the aesthetic beauty rather than the cultural importance.
Over the years, artists around the world have come out with myriads of remarkable works of arts in a variety of patterns and styles.
Nevertheless, black tribal designs are often the most preferred choice which consists of black lines curving into few branches.
During early Christianity, it is identified as a devil, but the Polynesian reveres it as god. It can easily be combined with other design agents such as a dagger, skull, dragon and cross. Also, for its distinctive slow and steady characteristics, it signifies calmness, reliability, endurance, wisdom, bravery, reliability and longevity.
The works of arts are often very high quality with a lot of innovation and imagination put into the design in order to make it stands out. There are different types of dragons to pick from, for example the Chinese or the mythical dragons.
Tattoos with anchors, swallow and pinup girls which were once very popular in the 60s have started to regain their popularity rapidly, not just for the sailors but also for many females and males. If you’re looking for a truly unique tat, then try to find your perfect design from an online professional gallery.
While those all-time popular designs such as flowers, stars and animals are on high demand, tattoo with tribal designs seem to be among the most sought out pictures online as many people prefer to have their symbols inked in a tribal style.
You should first determine the design you want as well as its representation before going out to get one on your body.  The large and more intricate artwork can have a lot of details in it which requires an hour to a few hours to complete the inking session. Magic, power, and mystery are all part and parcel of the aura of a dragon, which is why Tribal Dragon Tattoos are so immensely popular. From dragon faces inked with masterful strokes, to winged dragon forms, to designs showing a dragon with a mouth open and fangs bared, there are many creative dragon tattoo designs.
I always advice my visitors to predetermine their designs with a print before going to the studio. The Pacific islanders speak a similar mother tongue which is originated from the proto-Austronesian language. The designs can be colorful and complex, or simple in just a monochromatic form in tribal style.
The Native American associates the reptile as dreams, but it is a representation of the cycle of death and rebirth to the Roman.
If you know how to access some of the useful resources on the internet, it will help you locate that perfect symbol.
While the traditional tribal pattern is made out of thick lines and curves in black wrapping around the arms and legs, the modernized creation is more colorful that can be found on almost everywhere on the body.
Some of the great designs to be sported in this area are butterfly, flower, dragon, etc., particularly in tribal style. For girls the best location to place a dragon is on the back while the tattoo looks great to be on the guys’ chests, shoulders, and arms. You will subject yourself to thousands of beautiful, high quality artworks before making a decision! These patterns can have a lot of meanings depending on what you want them to speak for you. The strength of the tribal design comes from the single color ink, usually black that is used by the artist. When a person has grown up to be an adult, he would be given the specific Moko rank to mark his new social status.
While it takes a lot of time to scan through numerous images before coming to a decision, the selection process should bring you a lot of fun and excitement. The work of art can follow the natural curves of the body and be extended to the hips if you like, making it a truly amazing and innovative creation. Dragon artwork is stretchable which can be fitted to any part of the body—from a large, intricate full back motif to a small, monochromatic dragon at the upper arm. Often a touch of red in the eye looks more stunning in the maze of black lines that makes up the form of the dragon. To the Pacific islanders, tattooing is a way to connect themselves with their heritage and to recognize a person to be a warrior.

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