Whether it is to decorate your beloved pet's house, or just to showcase your animal love on you T-shirt or walls, paw prints make interesting design options. You can find paw prints of many animals like puma, wolf, moose, bear, bison lynx, brown bear, raccoon dog, badger, otter, leopard, and of course cat, in this section. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.

If you wish to create such designs using your palms, to make your very own prints, then dip your hands in paint, and stamp your palms on paper or cloth. One saying "Dogs, cats, pets" and one with "I Love Animals." You can also do such text and paw print designs, and paint it on your pet's house.
If you are making your website based on a dog theme, then you can use a paw as a button, or simple designs with a fade effect as a background face.

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