This lovely, kind and caring Angel has huge pale blue feathery wings and wears long blue shimmering robes.
Her vessel is wonderful crystal-studded ballerina brooch that reflects the delicate yet engaging nature of this enlightening and uplifting angel. No part of content, designs, images, product trade name(s), trade product design(s) and product(s) can be used without prior express written permission.
Statue situated in Brighton and Hove, depicting the angel of peace holding an orb and an olive branch.
She is the one to call for all awkward, stressful or dissatisfied situations that really need calms and a clear head.

She can also take away and nullify any bad feelings, bad karma or bad energy around you and she will raise your vibrations to a high and healthy level and at the same time she will bathe you in beautiful peaceful blue and gold light.
She has long fair hair and she brings with her a wonderful aura of contentment and goodness.
If you make a reservation request and I do not respond, I am away from my personal computer and therefore unable to do so – your message is not being ignored. All Rights Reserved.The intellectual property of our designs remains our own, purchase of an item does not confer consent for any type of reproduction - all of our designs are registered with a third party. Resin angel holds a dove in one hand and a bouquet of yellow lilies with green stems in the other.

She can take away anger and bring peace to awkward situations where there has previously not been a solution.
The spirit may suffer considerable distress as a result so please bear this in mind when making your request.

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