Lash Line Only: If you opt for more of a subtle enhancement a lash line only liner may be just for you.
Have trouble finding eyeliner that won’t smudge throughout the day or stay in place till the end of the night.
If you’re one of those who wake up in the morning and run to the mirror to put on eyeliner and mascara you’re not alone!

MicroArt technology is an advanced version of Tattooed Eyebrows and Permanent Makeup Eyeliner that eliminates all the side effects of Permanent Cosmetics including its harsh and unnatural appearance.
It will only take a few minutes to assess your eye shape and discuss your width and color preference.
A top of the line topical anesthetic is used to maximize reducing any if at all discomfort.

We will only proceed once the shape and color is approved by both the technician as well as the client.

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