Orders for Personalized Christmas Stockings placed today by 2 PM will will ship from our shipping department on . Measured along the diagonal from the top left hand corner to the toe, the stocking measures 19 inches, and the width along the cuff is 8 inches.
Names can be personalized on the wjote cuff of this Christmas stocking with RED or GREEN or GOLD or SILVER metallic embroidery thread to compliment the Christmas stocking design.

Each name is machine embroidered with the first letter in upper case and the remaining letters in lower case.
For group orders of 2 or more stockings, we will do our best to adjust the font size of the letters so the monogrammed letters are uniform in size. For example, if your order has the names Mom, Dad and Christopher, we will embroider the longest name first and then adjust the font size of the shorter names to match the font size of the longest name, otherwise the shorter names will appear to be disproportionately large.

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