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People in China have probably noticed that people on their social networks have been sharing vintage-looking caricature avatars featuring themselves.
Snap your own portrait and let the app cartoonize it, then you can share the playful portrait on QQ, Weibo, WeChat, even Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
There are other aspects that make MomentCam stand out from existing photo-editing apps like Meitu or Baidu PhotoWonder.
Update: MomentCam raised an undisclosed series A round of funding in September, 2014, from Alibaba.

From tech-savvy young people, selfie-lovers to moms and pops who just start to get the hang of social networking, a wide demographic is using MomentCam, allegedly the world’s first photo-editing app that generates caricatures from real portraits.
First off, the app is a self-mocking experience, freeing people from their hyper self-awareness daily routine. I just checked and requires a lot of permissions like phone state and user account as well. I am always on the lookout for awesome Photo Editing Software.Thanks for your Informative post. No kidding, I asked my parents to try it and they joyfully sent back their artworks within ten minutes.

Second, there is little concern about privacy since faces are hardly recognizable, so people feel comfortable sharing their caricatures on social media – free advertising. Lastly, the caricatures are high-quality works from trained artists and developers keep pouring new cartoons into the suite.

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