Pro: The photos depict every-day life of a start-up and are a byproduct of real business work, so they look really natural. Don’t take a sledgehammer (Photoshop) to crack a nut (quick and simple graphic for social media).
Canva will help you make pictures that will enrich your blog post or deliver knowledge for your social media audience. SALESmanago is a cloud based online marketing automation platform used by over 5000 companies all over the world that manage databases of over 200 mln customers.
Datanyze ranks SALESmanago as world’s TOP6 marketing automation platform and Venturebeat Insights places it as global leader of marketing automation for Small & Medium B2C companies. When compared to regular stock photo bases, free ones are either less convenient to browse or of lower quality.

If it suits your business, that website is a must, if not, go there to contemplate the beauty of Earth). Use it to recycle content and turn your blog post into a set of small graphic you can distribute around the web. You pick a size, choose a photo (from Pixabay or upload your own) and use drag&drop creator. SALESmanago unique Digital Body Language features, real-time personalization engine enable marketers to deliver 1-to-1 offers via all marketing channels including e-mail marketing, dynamic website content, ad networks and direct sales. SALESmanago is based in Krakow (Poland) but has offices and subsidiaries in New York, London and Bangalore (India). We picked for you only these that are worth your time and offer pictures you really can use.

You can find amazing pieces there, as the a little albatross wearing a sweater (see below). Thanks to deep integration with another product APPmanago, a mobile marketing automation system it offers world’s only marketing technology platform that is actually ready for mobile revolution.
That’s why we prepared for you a selection of the most valuable bases of free photos.

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