After the biting cold of winter, a delightfully refreshing holiday – Easter is around the corner! Along with Easter frames, Frame Photo Editor also releases a dozen of Easter clips, and they will lend you a hand in touching up Easter photos. Easter backgrounds and clips are now available online, you can free download them and start editing your own photos. Choose a template, add pictures of your family, children and even pets dressed in Sunday best, insert personalized texts, and an Easter greeting card is done.
Don't hesitate any longer, download the application and start to make Easter wallpapers with full play of imagination! Funny Photo Maker is an extremely easy to use fun photo editor, yet it comes packed with plenty of gorgeous effects, well-designed photo frames and interesting face fun which enables you to create funny-looking or artistic photos. This fun photo editor includes many useful settings for customizing fun photos of your own style.
By using Funny Photo Maker, you are able to share self-created fun photo in wide range of ways.

Want to do some naughty evil thing about the photos of your colleague and make the boring office alive? However, some being clunky to use, some with mal-ware plug-in, some make you suffer from pop-up AD or email spamming. You can see more funny photo effects, photo frames and face fun samples created by Funny Photo Maker. You must have iTunes installed in order to open the link, and you must have an active iTunes account to download the application.
Just follow the 3-steps tutorial then you can create a funny photo by adding frames, funny effect, and amusing face fun.
While Funny Photo Maker is truly 100% free funny photo editing software that with no pug-in, no Ad, no unwanted subscription, no pop-up window ask for buying. For examples, you can crop needed photo area for embedding into a choosing frame, search face by a click in a content-messy photo, adjust face area to best fit face fun template, modify factor(could be as detailed as to wave length, number of flakes, rain drops, stroke size, pen hardness, etc.) to optimize photo effects. In all, this free funny photo editing tool can help you a lot in both off and online funny photo sharing.

Give your Christmas pics a professional, polished look, or add your face into an elf and have a laugh with your friends! Yes, you could totally forget about the annoying layer, cropping, cutting, and have fun on your own photo editing. Unlike the free online photo editing tool, this free photo editing tool is a standalone application, which enables you to edit photo offline anywhere and anytime as you like.
With fun photo editor, you can customize funny photo as you want in a very straight forwards way, required no professional photo editing knowledge at all!

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