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As part of Drexel University’s Week of Writing, Drexel Edits and the Philadelphia chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association are teaming up to try an entertaining experiment in editorial judgment. Your photos and derivative edited images will NOT be published or accessible to any third party without your permission. Our clients include numerous individuals and professionals (photography studios, graphic artists, advertising agencies, small business, press etc.) from all over the world. With Tucia, you can save the time of learning sophisticated photo editing software and save the money for photo studios or designing companies. Structural Coherence: In this stage of editing I consider the transition of one paragraph to another. Grammar: This is the most important aspect of research paper editing where I remove errors in grammar like improper verb use, long sentences or fragmented sentences and subject-verb agreement.
Spelling and logic: In this phase of editing, I correct the spelling mistakes commonly missed by word processing software packages using logic. Voice and Language: I eliminate unnecessary usage of words and also make sure that the complete document has a consistent voice. Clear Communication: I regularly communicate with you to ensure correct understanding of the work requirements, ensuring minimum error in the editing process, and keeping you up to speed on the status of the editing. You will receive personalized communication from me about your editing needs, usually within hours of contacting me.
I provide services to both authors and publishers, providing both editing and copyediting services. Prices are negotiated based on the speed at which you want the document edited, the number of pages and the amount of editing work that needs to be done.
We understand the life and biomedical sciences, the scientific community, and how good research can attract substantial funding. Our strategic communications services have helped to attract many millions of dollars in funding for our clients, which include large and small biopharma companies, universities and medical schools, research institutes and startups. When you need to have research explained to other scientists, your text will highlight your scientific strengths with clarity, accuracy and precision. Strategic plans, public or private offerings, and annual reports will reflect your greatest vision, achievements and expertise. We will interview the scientists or executives involved with your story, and then turn their contributions into a unified document.

We will draft, edit and rewrite to make the copy say what you want to say, in the way you want to say it.
Christopher Edwards, PhD and Beth Schachter, PhD will bring to your project a remarkable combination of skills. About Memoirs and Personal History Books (96) About Publishing (143) About Self-Publishing (34) Audio Podcast (4) Book Design and Book Production Technology (62) Book Marketing (57) Collaboration (24) crowdsourcing (2) Editors and Editing (58) Events (23) Family History Research and Preservation (124) Getting Started on Your Book (41) Incorporating Photographs and Illustrations (47) Memoir and Family History Writing Today (160) Memory Work: Recall, Reflect, and Relive (18) Planning Your Booka€™s Contents (70) Self-Publishing (5) Storytelling, Oral History, and Recording Stories (50) Tech Tools (4) The Authora€™s Craft (171) Welcome!
Your book deserves the same kind of thoughtful editorial support that bestselling commercial authors receive.
The graphic below illustrates the continuum of services we provide as professional editors during of the writing process. MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION: Think of a manuscript evaluation as a progress report from your editor. Why do different editors handle text in different ways, even when they’re given the same parameters? We’ll have four local freelance editors edit the same tricky passage, then review their edits in front of a live audience.
You own a dedicated team of real graphic artists with proven expertise and experience to back you up. Tucia is simply the easiest and best way to to edit your photos and realize your new ideas with photos. Take a look at our examples, and you will see many other ideas and creative elements can be applied to your photos too. Many problems, though, demand more sophisticated operations, more creativity, more industry experience and a deeper understanding of how to represent an image. Whether for academic writing, a publication, or a resume, you deserve a well-proofread and edited document.
I make these transitions smooth, and as a result the journal paper becomes well structured. Moreover, I always try to use appropriate words, phrases and jargon that fit into the context of your work. Most documents are returned within 1 week, and average-length manuscripts can usually be revised within 3–5 days. As a scientist, I fully understand that the confidentiality of your ideas and results is essential.
I provide you with a quote after my first evaluation of the job requirements, which is then approved by you.

Tucia is doing much more than any free photo editor online, because we do the job by REAL PEOPLE.
That's a unique service which you can never find in anywhere else at such low price and such short turnaround time. I can help you read your writing with an objective voice, by providing a second set of eyes, catching errors that compromise the quality of your hard work. I ensure that the richness of content of the research paper is not affected due to any other factor. The editor works with the author to develop an outline that will guide the writing as the manuscript evolves.
The editor reads your draft, gives it a thoughtful, in-depth review, and offers insights on ways to make your story more interesting and effective. A professional editor reviews your manuscript for correctness at the sentence and word level for syntax, grammar and mechanics, spelling and punctuation. As a big team of skilled graphic designers and photography artists, we are here to provide you with real tailor-made photo editing & retouching services online. You can always contact me with follow-up questions after you receive your edited documents.
In addition, our assistance with NIH grant proposals has helped our clients obtain many millions of dollars in funding. Editing is woven all the way through the process of creating the manuscript to prepare it for publication.
This service is very popular with authors, as it is inexpensive and very helpful to confer with an expert while in the process of writing. Your editor will recommend revisions: adding, cutting, moving or changing parts of your book, all to make it a better reading experience. Some authors have writing support groups or an experienced, skilled friend willing to lend a hand.

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