The software SpeedEDIT of NewTek is fairly new in the world of publishing content Videos, still unknown to the general public in comparison to other products like Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas.
It allows video editing HD - SD - DV - HDV with the particularity of the use of file formats with resolutions and number of frames per second independent and without the need for recompression!
At the opening of the package, a beautiful well-designed box that gives the feeling that they have in hand a video editing software professional!
The installation went very smoothly, it is a bit of time because many files are copied to the PC's hard drive. After the installation of two DVDs, the first launch of the application, you must register it with your serial number. This procedure is very flexible because if you lose your activation code or re-install your PC, you simply connect to the records center NewTek to retrieve your activation codes and serial number. At the opening the software asks you to select your preferred editing or open a project to save.
Once the software is open on to a somewhat confusing interface, in fact, two floating window on your desktop in a different window dressing of Microsoft Windows. This interface with a look at both clean and very professional, it is found there in less than 5 minutes. Navigation in the window Bin (container clips) is very easy and can move quickly to know where you are on the hard disk. Below the interface you have the properties of the selected clip as the duration, the activation of the overlay, so the clipping. Also in the bottom of the interface on the right you have the controller and the video playback navigation wheel with a simple click of the mouse turns into Jog Shuttle or, at the choice!
Monitoring window (Output) is floating redimenssionnable and allows real-time adjustments to brightness, volume, etc..
SpeedEDIT also has a Spreadsheet (spreadsheet) allow the implementation in the time of your clips and storyboard! In conclusion, nothing to say about the re-interface, it is perfectly suited to the needs of installation and flexibility of the tool! In practice SpeedEDIT is up to its name because it is enough to tap into the media window and drag and drop clips of its choice on the timeline, regardless of the resolution! A very valuable feature for web designer is the ability to choose a clip in the window of the media and ask SpeedEDIT to convert the format and with no conversion or re devori analyze your video! This conversion function is a pure delight and a gain of time very valuable when it comes to convert QuickTime MOV to FLV! Knowing that is SpeedEDIT software and video capture, it is somewhat damage not be able to directly capture video from a source such as a webcam, digital camera. While the quality of a catch via a webcam is not the best quality but it can do small editing to the web or stop motion of the low blow. In terms of audio smoothly manages the standard formats and can move, separate, see adjust the settings of your clips and apply effects.
In comparison with the famous Sony Vegas, the audio is equally good but less easy to handle! It is quite rare in this labyrinth of software for graphic and creative hair while still finding beads as particularly innovative and SpeedEDIT with an affordable price and without diminishing the quality of a product!
You will understand by reading the test of video editing software from NewTek, speeded is a highly specialized and highly efficient for your video montages time fitting, as well as for software quality and costs 349 ? VAT will not be disappointed with your investment!
ArcSoft Perfect365 is a free image software that helps you to make cosmetic changes in an image automatically. This free photo editing software can bring cosmetic changes to your images with just a single click.
This free image retouching tool is very easy to use and comes with an attractive user interface.
Adobe Photoshop CS6 may have gathered all the attention, but its baby brother Photoshop Elements has been quietly growing up. Get the best tech deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable tech news and more! TechRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
This is the world's most powerful image-editing application and Photoshop CC 2014 brings many small but significant improvements that reinforce its position.
No comparison possible, however interfaces with Adobe Premier or Sony Vegas software have a look really different!
At the opening we find a box with two DVD discs: An installation disc and a disc of content, along with a small startup guide and grip. It will require just ten minutes to become familiar with it and just under an hour to take control software with quick start guide! Rendering speed in relation to the quality achieved is excellent compared to other slow-editing software!

If you want to try a new look without adding any makeup to your face, you can try Perfect 365.
You will get to see some before and after images after opening this free image editing tool.
You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. From that point on, you couldn't buy Photoshop with a 'perpetual licence' – you had to rent it a month or a year at a time via an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. This freeware can detect faces automatically and allows you to make cosmetic changes in those images.
If you have any question or comment, feel free to share your thoughts on the article in the comments section! You choose the plan you need, and the software is then available to you for as long as you keep paying the subscription.
You can digitally retouch your photos using this freeware like you see the portraits printed in magazines and newspapers. Automatic fixes in Organiser are take-it-or-leave-it single button effectsGone is the dark, grey-on-grey look of previous versions; in comes a bright, fresh livery with much more readable text, clear tool icons, and a far fresher and more appealing look overall.
Once you are done retouching your image, you can save it on your PC or share it with your friends on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter directly from this freeware. It's almost always worth opening selected images in the Editor to get to grips with them properly.An entirely separate application, files are transferred from the Organiser to the Editor to work on them, and this is a fairly straightforward process. It's a great double-act – Photoshop takes care of the editing, Lightroom takes care of the organisation. Even tasks that are offered directly by the Organiser, such as creating calendars and photo books, are in fact processed by the Editor.Refine Edge creates perfect cutouts, with far greater ease than ever beforeEditorThis is where the main body of Photoshop Elements 11 resides. The free Lightroom Mobile app enables you to view and edit photo collections on your iPad, while Adobe's new Mix app offers Photoshop-compatible editing tools too. It's divided into three different working sections, each of which caters to a different level of user: Quick, Guided and Expert. Photoshop CC and Creative Cloud are now a powerful and compelling option – and Adobe has been releasing modest but useful updates.
Although the three modes are capable of acting independently of each other, you can move smoothly between them - and this pays huge benefits, particularly when moving from Guided to Expert mode.Modify cutouts with the Selection brush. But June 2014 brought a new version, Photoshop CC 2014, which doesn't replace the existing Photoshop CC app but is installed alongside it. Parameters are at the bottom of the screenIn all three modes, the Options bar that shows tool settings has moved from the top to the bottom of the screen, and it shows all the parameters in a clear, understandable way. Together with the tool panel and the side panel, this does of course take up a lot of screen space, but they can all be slid out of the way, and there's even a floating panel mode for those who prefer it.Operations such as aligning layers are now easier, thanks to bolder, clearer panelsQuick modeIn this stripped-down view, there are only a handful of tools - selection, redeye, tooth brightening, text and healing. Photoshop CC introduced an all-new Smart Sharpen tool designed to maximise clarity and reduce noise, together with a Camera Shake Reduction tool that can analyse the direction of movement ('trajectory') and then reverse the blur digitally. The Smart Fix, Exposure, Colour and other buttons that were one-click effects in the Organiser now pop open to reveal a 3 x 3 grid of variations, each showing the target image. On Adobe's sample images it works really well, but not all shots provide the right kind of blur, so don't expect it to be a fix for every shaky shot.Photoshop CC 2014 introduces a new Focus Mask tool which can isolate the sharpest areas of your pictures. There are other simple controls as well - so the Colour adjustment, for instance, can target Saturation, Hue or Vibrance, as well as having an Auto button.In Quick mode, adjustments are simple, but with a wide degree of user controlWhile the panels have been pared down, the menus still offer the full Photoshop Elements 11 experience, with access to all the filters, adjustments and techniques.
Photoshop CC also brought an 'Intelligent Upsampling' feature to help you scale up pictures for big prints without the image degradation normally associated with upsampling.
The Lens Blur filter has a striking range of controls for photographically authentic blursIt's almost foolproof, demonstrating that nearly anyone can create spectacular effects with ease; and there's enough potential for customisation here to enable many types of image to be processed in the way that suits them. But the biggest cluster of new features centres on Adobe Camera Raw 8, Photoshop's companion RAW conversion tool.
Guided mode is a terrific learning experience, because it shows the power of Photoshop Elements 11 without frightening the horses.When creating an effect in Guided mode, simple controls take you through each stepExpert modeThe biggest surprise comes when you create an effect in Guided mode, and then switch to Expert. In fact, you can now carry out so many everyday photographic enhancements in Adobe Camera Raw that you may need Photoshop itself less and less. You'll find that the image you've been working on is now presented as a series of layers, masks, adjustments and filters, exactly as if you'd created all the effects directly in Expert mode in the first place. By the time the photo opens in Photoshop, you'll have already done everything that needs doing. A new Radial Gradient tool lets you highlight the focal point of your picture by darkening, blurring, desaturating or otherwise subduing the surrounding areas. As well as a powerful Lens Blur effect, there are new Comic, Graphic Novel and Pen and Ink filters, all of which create variously hand-drawn looks.
It comes with grab handles you can use to change the shape and size and a central 'pin' you can drag it around with. But they do so with a tremendous sense of realism, and frankly are far better than anything Photoshop itself can produce.

And the Advanced Healing Brush now enables you to heal irregular areas by painting over them, whereas previously you could only heal circular areas. A real pleasure to work with, these are hugely entertaining filters.You'll certainly benefit from Photoshop Elements 11's new Refine Edge dialogue, which has now been fully updated to provide sophisticated cutout tools - not just smoothing edges, but isolating tricky areas such as hair from difficult backgrounds. It's not as sophisticated as the Clone Stamp and Healing tools in Photoshop, but it can cope with simple touch-up jobs very easily.If you've captured two sides of a building, for example, you can use the Perspective Warp tool to change the apparent viewing angle and height.
The Comic filter creates striking drawn effects that you can fully customiseVerdict It's also far easier to add presets in this release than it was in Photoshop Elements 10 and others, and it's the first Elements version to support Actions, the automation system that enables you to execute complex series of effects with a keystroke. Best of all, though, is the new Upright tool, which can detect lines in your image which it thinks should be horizontal or vertical, and automatically straighten them, correcting perspective problems such as converging verticals. Except that you can't create them - you can only use Actions that have been built in Photoshop (and not all effects work). Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is a mature, thoughtful program that has eschewed flashy new features in favour of a genuinely more approachable interface. Adobe released an update in January 2014 which brought 3D printing capability and a number of enhancements for web designers, illustrators and photographers – photographers could now apply a 'perspective warp' to straighten buildings shot at an angle, for example. That said, the Refine Edge tool in itself is enough to warrant the upgrade; the extra filters are the icing on the cake. It's not unlike the perspective crop feature, or the perspective tools in DxO Optics Pro and Capture One, except that it can correct two planes (or two sides of a building), not just one. Path blur can follow a line or curve you define yourself, while spin blur gives a more authentic look to spinning wheels or prop blades.Photoshop's Blur Gallery has been extended with a new and more realistic Spin Blur tool and a Path Blur option for controllable motion paths. It's now possible to create a 'focus mask' which selects ares of the image which are in sharp focus. You could use this to create cutouts more easily, for example, or apply a stronger blur to out-of-focus backgrounds. The content-aware Fill, Patch, Move and Extend tools have have 'algorithmic colour blending', which can produce more natural-looking results – though, as ever, the success of these tools depends on the surrounding objects and details in the image.
This is Adobe's raw conversion plug-in – it launches automatically when you attempt to open a raw file. The Graduated and Gradient Filters now have a manual masking brush tool which enables you to mask the effect in specific areas. Previously, the gradient tool would darken everything in its path, including tall buildings, but now you can mask them out with a manual brush tool.
For example, the Graduated Filter won't just darken the sky, it will also darken anything sticking up into the sky such as a building – you can now use the mask brush to remove the darkening effect from objects like this. These are modest but useful changes, but don't seem enough on their own to justify a whole new application alongside the old one. There's a lot more going on under the hood, though, and Adobe has overhauled its 'Mercury' graphics engine, for example, to boost performance.
Some photographers may get by with lower-cost alternatives like Photoshop Elements or Paint Shop Pro, but in reality Photoshop CC is out on its own. But to get the most out of Photoshop you do need to know what you're doing – there's precious little help here for beginners. And there's a strong market in creative plug-ins which provide instant effects, inspiration and creative options simply not available in the Adobe program. The improvements in each update of Photoshop CC itself are relatively modest, but they accumulate – and they'll carry on accumulating for as long as you subscribe.
It's now a powerful image-editing tool in its own right, and you can even use these tools as a filter within Photoshop.We disliked Photoshop 2014 installs alongside Photoshop CC rather than simply replacing it, and with little or no explanation.
Annoyingly, our plug-ins were not migrated to the new version, so that means re-installing them or migrating them manually – and using the 'old' version of Photoshop CC until then. The new mask brush tool in Adobe Camera Raw is really useful, but it's not yet available in Lightroom 5.5, which is unusual since they both use the same processing engine.
Perhaps the main point to keep in mind about Photoshop is that it's designed not just for photographers, but also for illustrators, web developers and 3D artists.
As a result, each update may well include a whole host of new features and improvements, but they won't all be relevant to specific types of user.
Whatever your area of interest, Photoshop will do a whole lot of other stuff besides that you don't really need.Verdict For a while, you could still buy Photoshop CS6 as a 'perpetual' alternative to CC. That's no longer the case, so Adobe's brave new world of subscription services is the only way forward for Photoshop fans who want to stay current.

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