The standard answers for these questions are After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Eyeon Fusion, Avid Studio, Apple Motion, Flash Professional. In order not to bore you to death with reasons why some tools just didn’t cut it, I will reveal my conclusions. It pains me to even write this, but after about 2 days of testing all the alternatives the best free choice under windows is the Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows. A close second came DebugMode Wax, which is a fantastic free tool for video effects and that comes with quite a bit of compositing and editing functionality. I have not been able to do anything with ZS4, mainly because it crashed after pretty much every click.
The screenshot on the other hand looks quite promising, even if it is basically the only one on the whole internet. Vexx Synapse seems like a powerful tool, but I was completely overwhelmed by the interface.
The project has released anything in the last 12 months, but compared to some other projects that is still high activity. The last news entry on the Vivia website is from 2007 and the program crashed on me right from the start. Avid Free DV looks like a great tool, but unfortunately has also been discontinued together with its brother VideoSpin. VirtualDub is a powerful linear video editor which has its strengths in transcoding and applying simple filters.
AviDemux is another tool for cutting videos and applying simple filters, but doesn’t seem like an effects heavy tool and definitely not a compositer.
All in all, a fantastic tool that could have great promise, if it wasn’t more or less dead and had serious shortcomings. Cinelerra counts as one of the most powerful video editing tools under linux and has been developed for many, many years. Kino is supposed to be an entry-level tool along the lines of Movie Maker but nonetheless has an impressive feature list. All in all the Linux tools are very strong, and as already mentioned programs like Blender, Jahshaka, Wax are also available. I will probably do some of my editing in OpenShot because Movie Maker is just so painful, and who knows, I may even give Blender a chance one of these days. It is common that editors of photos routinely resize objects, or move them up, down or sideways, but researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of California are adding an extra dimension to photo editing by enabling editors to turn or flip objects any way they want, even exposing surfaces not visible in the original photograph, using freely available stock 3D models of everyday objects.
A chair in a photograph of a living room, for instance, can be turned around or even upside down in the photo, displaying sides of the chair that would have been hidden from the camera, yet appearing to be realistic. This three-dimensional manipulation of objects in a single, two-dimensional photograph is possible because 3-D numerical models of many everyday objects — furniture, cookware, automobiles, clothes, appliances — are readily available online.
Originally the system was designed to work using digital imagery, but the researchers have found that it can also be used to manipulate images in paintings and in historical photos.
The main weakness of using publicly available 3-D models is that the models seldom fit a photo exactly. To fix these variations, the researchers developed a technique to semi-automatically align the model to the geometry of the object in the photo while preserving the symmetries in the object.
Though a wide variety of stock models is available online, models are not available for every object in a photo.

If you're interested in the details behind the software, you might like to read the paper the researchers just published, and you can also download the software to try out the effect yourself. Photoscape is a versatile free photo editing tool that can be downloaded as a portable software or an installer.
One of the main features is the photo editor which can be used to perform basic operations such as resizing, sharpening or removing red eyes from the photos. The batch editor makes it easy to resize multiple images at once with the usual options to reduce, adjust, crop or stretch the photos using various interpolation settings and filters. Everything works smoothly and results are most of the time shown in previews to give the user the chance to accept or undo the changes.
The portable version of the free photo editing tool can be downloaded at the portable freeware website. Martin Brinkmann is a journalist from Germany who founded Ghacks Technology News Back in 2005.
Join a couple of clips, cut them, add some very simple 2D filters, add some transitions, some music, done. Unfortunately with price tags often in the 4 figures neither can I or want to get into those.
Possibly it is the better tool than Movie Maker, but it is quite limited in its supported codecs and simply didn’t live up to my expectations. From what I understand it was developed for audio compositing and I simply didn’t get it to work at all. It had very limited codec and dimension support in its freeware version, which was discontinued after Pinnacle was bought by Avid.
I didn’t manage to find a copy of it on the internets and so was unable to try it out. It requires registration to download and is seriously limited in its supported file formats.
It does not support WMV natively and I didn’t have any success using it to create videos.
I haven’t quite figured out whether export is only possible through gigabytes of BMP files, or in small resolutions, or what. It has hundreds of presets and is definitely the best free tool for these kinds of video effects.
While it allows compositing, I had a hard time finding a way to scale videos, it only imports AVI and WAV and seemed to have issues with sound rendering. But its Video Sequence Editor offers a great amount of features and makes use of many of Blenders well tested functions like keyframing, etc. I find blender’s interface not 100% intuitive and would rather not render my videos frame by frame in a fully fledged renderer. Movie Maker is not a powerful tool, and as I wrote before it takes some fiddling for it to produce HD output, but it does its job at linear editing. All the cool tools from Windows are available (Jashaka, Wax, Blender, and many additional high quality tools are exclusive to the Unix platform. Its UI is considered quite difficult, but probably a tool for people who know what they are doing.
The research team led by Yaser Sheikh, associate research professor of robotics, found they could create realistic edits by fitting these models into the geometry of the photo and then applying colors, textures and lighting consistent with the photo.

Objects that can be manipulated in photos also can be animated; the researchers demonstrated that an origami bird held in a hand can be made to flap its wings and fly away, or a taxi cab shown in a street scene can levitate, flip over to reveal its undercarriage and zip off into the heavens.
Variations occur between the models and the physical objects; real-life objects such as seat cushions and backpacks are sometimes deformed as they are used, and appearances may change because of aging, weathering or lighting.
The system then automatically estimates the environmental illumination and appearance of the hidden parts of the object — the visible side of a seat cushion or of a banana is used to create a plausible appearance for the opposite side.
But thanks to the widespread of 3D scanning and printing technologies, the selection is getting better and better. 13 at the SIGGRAPH 2014 Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Vancouver, Canada. The photo editing tool combines many of the most popular functions that are needed when editing photos.
The same menu provides access to a few effects that can be applied, among them interesting looking ones like changing a photo to a black and white image, adding text or additional objects to the photo. He is passionate about all things tech and knows the Internet and computers like the back of his hand. It has since then become one of the most popular tech news sites on the Internet with five authors and regular contributions from freelance writers. So today, I found the perfect software for them, VSDC Free Video Editor.VSDC Free Video Editor is an easy to use and very powerful video editing tool. But to be perfectly honest, all the other free alternatives that I looked at were far worse.
I was then disappointed by tool after tool, and possibly even with their weird user interfaces some of these programs can do (that little) that Movie Maker can.
If the photo doesn't contain pertinent appearance information — such as the underside of a taxicab — the system uses the appearance of the stock 3-D model.
The software is developed by Flash-Integro LLC.VSDC Free Video Editor offers various audio and visual effects to enhance your videos. My only suspicion is that it probably had some crippleware features built in as well, but that is pure conjecture.
One thrust of future research will thus need to be automating the search for 3-D models in a database of millions. Through the software’s straightforward interface, all effects can be accessed and applied easily with very minimum efforts.
Video effects are divided into five categories namely color correction, object transformation, object filters, transition effects and special fix.
It is also capable to capture desktop videos and save them for subsequent processing in the editor.Developers are continuously adding new features to VSDC Free Video Editor. In the next program release, the software will be having Video Capturing to capture videos through webcams, IP Cameras, etc. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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