A Cas9 protein (light blue) with guide RNA (purple) and DNA (red) shows a DNA bulge, marking a sequence that would be considered off-target for CRISPR-Cas9 editing. Rice University bioengineers have found new techniques for precision genome editing that are more accurate and have fewer off-target errors. The new strategies are shared in three papers in an upcoming special issue of the Nature journal Molecular Therapy on improving the revolutionary genome-editing technique called CRISPR-Cas9.
Bioengineering Professor Gang Bao and his colleagues present ideas for maximizing on-target gene editing with biological catalysts capable of cutting DNA called "engineered nucleases." Several such systems have been studied for years, but for the past three, the promise of cut-and-paste editing via CRISPR-Cas9 has captured the attention of scientists worldwide.
CRISPR-Cas9, a naturally occurring defense system in bacteria, allows researchers to design a short sequence of RNA called "guide RNA" that targets a specific section of genetic code (DNA) in a cell.
About three years ago researchers discovered that bacterial CRISPR-Cas9 could be modified to edit DNA in human cells by, for instance, replacing mutant sequences with normal, or "wild-type," sequences in much the same way a bacterium banks an invader's DNA signature.
But CRISPR-Cas9 is still vulnerable to snipping the wrong sequencesa€”called "off-targets"a€”in addition to the right ones.
One of his goals is to treat the hereditary disease sickle cell anemia, which he hopes CRISPR-Cas9 will eventually cure. In the first paper, Bao and his group used experiments on mammalian cells to characterize a CRISPR-Cas9 system from the Neisseria meningitides (Nme) bacterium.
That difference lies primarily in a sequence of code that is not part of the target, but close by.
The second paper, a collaboration with colleagues at the University of Freiburg, Germany, addresses highly specific human-gene editing using yet another bacteria's immune system. Bao and company also looked at the effect of bulges in DNA and RNA that can influence targeting.
Bao noted the Nme and Sth Cas9 proteins, unlike Spy, are small enough to be packaged within an adeno-associated virus for delivery to and treatment of specific cells in an animal. The third paper is a review of current CRISPR-Cas9 techniques that focuses on genome-editing tools available for target selection, experimental methods and validation. He said there is a path forward, represented in part by his investigation of two new bacterial systems as well as the fact that CRISPR-Cas9 is a much easier technique to implement in the lab than other genome-editing systems such as TALEN and zinc finger nuclease. Bao said that unlike those older genome-editing techniques, CRISPR-Cas9 is straightforward enough for students to learn and use in a short time.
Bao hopes to establish his lab as a focal point for genome editing in the Texas Medical Center.
University of California, Berkeley, researchers have made a major improvement in CRISPR-Cas9 technology that achieves an unprecedented success rate of 60 percent when replacing a short stretch of DNA with another. Researchers at UmeA? University in Sweden have discovered that specific DNA sequences that are rich in the DNA building block guanine in the yeast species, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, can form four-stranded DNA. Discovering the secrets of how one of the world's most popular prawn species produces sperm and transfers it to create the next generation could help free aquaculture from reliance on brood stock from the wild. Researchers at Iowa State University are rethinking the long-held conventional wisdom that turtles don't suffer some of the ravages of old age.
A study of butterflies suggests that when a species adapts, other parts of its genetic make-upA  can be linked to that adaptation, limiting diversity in the population.
The battle over bacterial resources is coming to an end, thanks to research from the University of Bristol. Red knots migrate between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their wintering grounds in West Africa. If you like to make fun with pictures but you are not expert in photo editing tools like Photoshop then do not worry. It used to be that you had to have a little toolkit of free image editing programs to take care of all the typical needs any visual communicator normally has. Here below is just a micro selection to some of the most recent online picture editing software that have become available. While limited in scope for now, this is in fact the step in the release of a complete and all-encompassing mini-guide to ALL online image editing tools available.
Picture resizing services that let you create a custom profile avatar for social networking sites. Image resizers which lets you resize multiple pictures simultaneously right from your web browser. Color extracting tool that lets your extract colors from any image to create color palettes. Photo services that provide image manipulation functions and that are linked to your own Flickr account.
XMG Image is an online hosting service for your photos that provides an interface for users to manage, edit, and share their images online. MyPictr is an online photo editing software that provides a picture resizing service to create a custom profile avatar for your favorite social networks. OnlinePhotoTool is an online photo editor that lets you edit and save images, screenshots and photos online.
FaceFilter Live is an online photo editing tool that lets you refine facial images in photos.
Preloadr is a photo editing tool that provides image manipulation functions for those photos you want to upload to Flickr. Cellsea is a web-based service that lets you rotate, resize, and crop photos to get the exact composition and size you need. Fatpaint has more drawing and painting features than any other online graphics application, and it has built-in thousands of graphical resources. We have worked very hard developing Fatpaint and therefore we are interested in your feedback.
For now, it seems that sumopaint is the only web-app providing professional level tools for digital painters. Everyone has certain tools and softwares their like using when it comes managing their blogs – today I’m sharing my Essential Blog Editing Tools. I won’t go into detail of how to use each of these tools, but if that’s something you would like to see, give me a shout and I can definitely do separate posts on each one of them, showing you exactly how I use them. I import all of my photos and videos from the SD card into my Lightroom Catalog; not only does Lightroom help keep my files organised, but the starring system makes it so easy to sort through hundreds of photos before deciding which ones will end up on the blog. I use Photoshop mostly to add captions, create collages, crop my images to a fixed width so they all look uniform on my blog, save and rename all my files ready for uploading them to the blog – these are the essential things I think Photoshop does best for me and now that I’ve been using it for over 5 years, I can get through a batch of 15-20 pictures in under 10 minutes. I use the latest version of iMovie to edit and export my videos, ready for uploading them to YouTube.
I use both of these text editors to draft my blog posts before I copy them into my WordPress interface.
I’ve recently swapped to Evernote for writing my blog posts because it also allows me to continue writing from my iPad and iPhone, so everything is kept updated in real-time across all of my devices, which I find very useful for working on-the-go.
Box is my Cloud service of choice for moving files, pictures and videos across my devices, like when I need to get a picture from my computer to my iPhone so I can upload it to Instagram.
When I discovered Box, I was lucky enough to sign up for it when they were giving away 50GB of free storage, so I have plenty of space to move my files between my devices. I would love to hear your recommendations for Blog Editing Tools that you use and that you think are essential to helping you run your blog! A business blog is also an effective way to communicate with your customers; you will be able to gain feedback and real insight into your business and the market in which you wish to succeed.
This simple and straightforward online proofreading tool is a good choice for writers who need a basic, quick editing source.
This online custom writing service composed of certified professionals is a great choice for business bloggers who need a more insightful proofreader. Any reputable business should have their blog writers check for plagiarism before publishing any content.
This proofreading tool is perfect for business blog writers who seek a customizable experience. This open source writing aid works in multiple languages and can help business blog writers connect with a wide variety of potential customers from around the world. This free to use (registration required) grammar checker is one of the best tools for business blog writers to review their article’s readability. No matter what type of business you run, a blog will increase your website’s traffic, better engage your customers and serve as free marketing.
For any business blog to reach its highest potential it must contain consistent and quality content.
What I appreciate the most about this article is that listed tools might be used not only by business bloggers and not only by newbies.
Join thousands of marketers and get access to the latest articles, freebies, product announcements and much more! How good is Photoshop anyway, for doing quick tasks like changing colors or the background picture, it usually takes longer to boot up than it does to do all of the work, which is why I often prefer to work with online photo editing tools to help me manage those tasks quicker.
One of the most common uses that I know of is filters, many of the tools in this list will provide some ability to alter your photo effects, through the means of custom and already known filters. The homepage links also lead to two separate tools, for fixing broken photos, and also for adding separate filters to photos.
Another great photo editing tool for those who like to add a bit of style to their photos, as of recently – includes a tool that can help to make photo collages straight from your browser, really great and worth checking out.

Quite lightweight, and offers plenty of tools that will help to manage your photos on the go. You can do incredible amounts of things with your photos through this tool, and I think the most appealing feature is the ability to animate your photos. This is a very traditional photo editor, offering tools that you’ll most certainly find on the feature list of Paint.
Twitter for example, sometimes requires a specific aspect ratio photo, for it to be displayed as an open photo on your stream. Add effects, do skin touches, or simply put up some frames with text on your photos, PhotoCat got you covered. PicMagick is an online photo editor that enables you to make ordinary photos look wonderful within a few clicks. Hundreds of photo effects, styles and fonts available at free cost, makes photo editing fun and exciting! Picadilo is very focused on bringing out the best from standalone photos that features faces and people, I’ve taken a look at some of the examples and they look quite like something. Focused on rebuilding old pictures, restoring photos and retouching that what needs some improvement.
The last tool on our list is very simple to use, yet offers plenty of tools to help you manage, edit and ehance your photos.
This is no doubt the most updated list of photo editing sites on the web, I’ve paid special attention to those tools which are being updated, and also used often and so appear online the most.
Were you able to learn something new in this post, and which of these are your own favorite tools? The content written by this author is still frequently updated, but due to some changes in the past, all new content published by this author is being done so under a new username.
Node.js or most commonly know as Node, is a JavaScript platform that allows you to build large scale web applications.
Coding in Python is not hard, in fact - it has been acclaimed as the easiest programming language to learn for a long time.
Ruby is one of those programming languages that have been around for many years, twenty in this case.
I think it was late August, 2011 - Twitter finally decided to open-source the Bootstrap framework for front-end developers.
I've wrapped up quite a few oh these now, and got post for Django jobs, Ruby jobs and even Joomla! All readers of CodeCondo are entitled to our free web development and web design courses over at Eduonix, our sister company.
Through the use of fun tools, children can acquire helpful editing skills—and in doing so, grow to see editing as a natural part of the writing process. To help them gain stronger self-editing skills, prepare a kit of special editing tools for young writers.
For storage, you’ll need a zipper pouch, small tote bag, plastic zip-top bag, or other container to keep all the editing tools in one place. Some children may want to wear a special hat or visor and refer to it as their Editor’s Hat. With a younger student (perhaps 7 to 9 years old), tracking each word on the paper will help him slow down and examine his work more carefully during the editing process. If your child wants to track words with his pointer finger, he could wear a finger puppet on that finger.
WriteShop encourages students to self-edit and revise in order to create a published final draft.
The Rice University lab of bioengineer Gang Bao has developed Web-based tools to search for such off-targets. An associated Cas9 protein then cuts the section, disrupts it or replaces it with the desired code. Exposure to an invader causes the bacteria to adapt by adding the invader's genetic signature to a CRISPR database.
The technique is seen as having great potential for disease modeling and treatment, synthetic biology and molecular pathway dissection.
In therapeutic applications, Bao said, off-target cutting by CRISPR-Cas9 could cause many detrimental effects, including cancer. But first the therapy must become much better at avoiding off-targets that can cause unwanted side effects.
It differs from Spy in a way that bioengineers can use to reduce the risk of off-target edits, he said.
Known as a protospacer-adjacent motif (PAM), it's a marker for target DNA sequences and necessary for Cas9 protein binding.
For this study, Cas9 proteins from Spy were replaced with Streptococcus thermophiles (Sth) proteins that also recognize longer PAMs.
Bulges appear when a sequence is one nucleotide longer or one nucleotide shorter than the expected DNA sequence targeted by guide RNA. Bao and his team also lay out a list of challenges yet to be solved to eliminate off-target effects. To that end, he brought the TMC genome-editing community together for a well-attended workshop at the BRC last December.
Streptococcus thermophilus CRISPR-Cas9 Systems Enable Specific Editing of the Human Genome, Molecular Therapy (2015).
You can find here a lot of editing effects, fonts, designs and unlimited space to store images.
Mine still includes great free image editing programs like Photofiltre, Irfanview and DCE, a fantastic trio, which together with Snag-it (paid) I really couldn't do without.
Picnik helps you fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply special effects to your photos. You don't need to install anything on your machine: just upload your picture, resize it online and download it when finished.
You need to upload a picture (to achieve the best result, the subject of the photo should look forward), which can either be in JPG or GIF format. Before sending the images to Flickr, you can modify them with several tools and perform cropping, sharpening, color correction and much more.
You can upload images from your computer and from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the dozens of tools and filters that this tool offers. It's the first Flash based painting program with full support for pressure sensitive Pen Tablets. These are my ‘blogging best friends’, which help me run my blog effectively and in an organised way.
The next instalment of this series will be about my Blogging Kit, so make sure to check back here to see what devices, cameras, hard drive and accessories I use to keep for blogging. I used to do all my editing fixes in Photoshop, but now that I’ve been using Lightroom for over 2 years, I find it much easier and user-friendly than Photoshop, although Photoshop is more than capable of handling all the editing as well, if you prefer to use just one software for your editing needs. I much prefer writing and storing my content offline, where I know I won’t lose it if I’m internet connection decides to fail on me, or if I close my browser by mistake – that was a lesson I learnt the hard way after having accidentally deleted blog posts and not being able to do a Cmd+Z to recover the lost content! You can download the Evernote apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad for free, and it keeps all my documents organised in Notebooks – it’s definitely one of the my favourite apps for increasing my work productivity and to help me sort through my blog post drafts and ideas.
I have apps on my iPhone and iPad, and a Box folder inside my computer that syncs automatically with my Box account, so I don’t need to faff about with emailing things to myself or even having to open my browser to transfer files – it’s all very easy and stress free!
The only downside of Box is that it can be very slow to sync large files, like videos, and it has a limit of 250MB per file, but apart from that, I highly rate and recommend Box if you are constantly transferring things to and from your phone and computer. I would not be able to run my blog effectively without any of these tools, so I wholeheartedly recommend all of them to any blogger looking to better manage their blogs’ workflow. I’m always on the hunt for new tools and I think it would be interesting to know what bloggers use on a daily basis to manage their blogs.
It’s imperative for marketing success in today’s technology advanced and web-based world of communication.
Write directly online or paste your text and the proofread bot will highlight any words or phrases that may have issues.
Writers should use Ninjassays as a resource for structure, readability and intellectual advice. Even the best professional online content writer may neglect to properly credit or cite a reference. Not only does it provide real-time, live writing corrections, it also includes a dictionary resource, text reader and translation capabilities. Business bloggers can signup for a free account and use the grammar and spelling check with assurance. It’s a good tool to use before posting any blog article and will correct any proofreading errors you may have missed.
It’s an automated tool; however, its service is one of the best all-around editing resources available.
Be sure to hire writers who are educated in the appropriate fields and knowledgeable about the resources available.
I personally tried a few tools from suggested here but it’s the first time I read about Reverso and Ginger, sounds really fantastic!

The company also has a mobile app available for those who want to edit photos on their mobile devices.
With a little bit of exercise and practice, this platform can become a great tool for creating photos with quotes and such, it has the right features for sure. It’s pretty similar to a standalone paint application, with the exception of including a ton of filters to choose from. Like overlays for example, which you can use to add special symbols to your photos and then separately style them, like any professional photo editing tool would, and it’s all free. It’s actually one of the slower tools on the list, not quite sure why, but it could be my computer.
There’s literally something for everyone, and each of the tools is managed separately, so you can choose one effect at a time and see what sticks. It’s got quite a bit of features, and one of the most appealing ones is the photo beautifier which can enhance your photos drastically, as well as the integration of social platforms make it easy to edit, and re-share your photos in just seconds. Add frames, borders, filters or enhance your photos quickly and easily, this tool got you covered.
Offers a free tutorials section that can help understand the features of the site, and how to use them. PhotoFunia is the best way to add a spark to your photos, make them special and more original.
It’s the first time I hear of the tool, but from the examples shown on the website, it looks very promising and seems to have a nice user-base already.
For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Label it as your Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™ and keep it in your writing center so it’s always handy.
I can’t say enough good {delightful, positive, enthusiastic} things about The Synonym Finder. If so, they should use their hat for this unique purpose and store it with the supply of editing tools.
There are a variety of ways to do this, from pointing at each word with his pointer finger to touching each word with the eraser end of his pencil. You could also purchase a set of plastic toy fingers from a party supply store or costume shop and let him wear one as he tracks each word on his Writing Project.
One child may look down on such props while another sees them as great fun—so gather items to wear on a pointer finger according to your child’s interest and store them in the Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™. Here are more ideas for using the Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™ to edit a writing assignment.
The Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™, and many more exciting editing ideas, come straight from the pages of WriteShop Junior.
After teaching writing at the college level for over 15 years, I must say that I share your concerns. At WriteShop, we love equipping and inspiring you to teach writing, even when it seems like an uphill battle. The bacteria then recognize future enemies and destroy them with an appropriate Cas9 protein. Tests carried out in human cells found Sth proteins with more stringent PAM requirements were significantly better than SpyCas9 proteins at avoiding off-targets. The Neisseria meningitidis CRISPR-Cas9 System Enables Specific Genome Editing in Mammalian Cells, Molecular Therapy (2016). Nuclease Target Site Selection for Maximizing On-target Activity and Minimizing Off-target Effects in Genome Editing, Molecular Therapy (2016).
Even, you can share pictures with others on Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, Myspace etc through these platforms. Plese send an email to "admin at rizwanashraf dot com" from your official email address if you believe that any content should not be on this site, Thanks.
Picnik is also integrated with many photo sharing sites and works on Mac, Windows and Linux.
MyPictr gives you enough time (approximately 10 minutes) to download your picture, then your file is automatically removed. Your image will be uploaded to the server and resized, and then any or all of the resized images will be provided in a single convenient view.
The available commands let you change the expression of the portrayed face with great ease.
Once you've optimized your photos, you can specify the details about the image and set the proper tags.
Most of these tools I’ve used for years and I need them on a daily basis to take me through every step of creating the content that you see here on my blog.
Gone were the days of using iPhoto to import and edit my pictures, and ending up with duplicates of everything stored somewhere obscure inside my computer. I much prefer using Lightroom instead of Photoshop for adjusting the lighting, white balance, sharpness and other little bits and bobs. A few months ago, I downloaded the free trial version of Final Cut Pro, but I must admit I didn’t find it as easy as iMovie to edit my videos.
TextEdit comes with all Apple computers and it’s a plain and simple text editor that allows you to store your drafts in your computer or in iCloud, so you can pick up where you left off on your desktop or laptop.
Perhaps the most famous rival of Box is Dropbox, but having used Dropbox for a few years, I much prefer the way Box works and also that you get 10GB of free Cloud storage with Box, instead of 2GB with Dropbox.
I know there are free or cheaper alternatives to some of these tools that do just as good of a job, but I find that it’s largely a matter of personal preference, and if you’re comfortable and confident using certain tools, just use whatever is best for you and improves your blogging work. It’s one of the best free online tools available and should be a go-to resource for every blog writer. If your business blog has spelling and structure nailed down, but needs a review of comma use and phrasing, use SpellCheckPlus. It’s also a useful and intelligent way of pushing your profits and services to the next level. By doing so, you can remain confident in building lasting and meaningful relationships with your target audience.
The tools listed may be just what you need to better manage you and your writer’s time and productivity.
I mostly use this tool for resizing and cropping, as it offers some great tools to manage the quality of photos. It offers a lot of editing tools you’d see in standard Photoshop and Paint, nice to see that it also uses Layers to help manage your photos. I recommend this to anyone who needs something that they can use on regular basis, as it provides very quick results. You can quickly retouch photos, or just do plain old DIY editing and play with your photos as you go. It’s also an open-source project, for those who perhaps want to explore this area of development, and see what they can do. Alternatively, he could gather several colorful or distinctive plastic rings to wear while editing. My fellow contributors and I invite you to poke around the blog, where you'll find teaching tips, writing activities, and hope for reluctant writers.
Not only can you simultaneously generate different sizes, but you can also enlarge your images as well.
With Lightroom, everything is stored exactly where you put it, and this is where my workflow starts. I have a few presets with standard settings for quickly editing different groups of photos (portraits, product photos, swatches, etc), but I always make sure to tweak every photo individually, just in case the preset doesn’t suit a particular photo. For basic video fixes and editing, iMovie has been more than satisfactory and extremely easy to use, however it’s very limiting and I’m sure I’ll end up making the transition to Final Cut Pro at some point, just because it gives me more creative freedom and I really enjoy the process of editing my YouTube videos.
Any business that sells an item or service needs a blog to obtain and retain their valuable consumers. Most importantly, they can turn your business blog into a successful brand ambassador that reaches an endless amount of viewers. Use Citrify to bring out your natural beauty without damaging the integrity of your photos.
Of even more concern are the problems students have with organizing logically, developing ideas fully, providing evidence, and considering issues on a deeper level reflecting critical thinking skills. While Nme may find fewer targets, those targets are more likely to be the correct ones, according to the researchers.
A lot of businesses will hire blog writers from various countries that may find this tool imperative to their time management and proper spelling.
Quite an old tool, and seems that it’s not getting any more love at these times, but still worth knowing about, in case one of the above tools time out at some point.

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