Some patterns have backgrounds that were picked up during the scan.  Remove these backgrounds with tools in the Pattern Editor.
The filter effects are similar to filters in photo editing software, but are tuned to specifically assist in cleaning up scanned patterns.
CarveWright Pattern Editor – Overview of the main features and functions of the Pattern Editor. Pattern Editor – Episode III – An overview of several updated tools in Pattern Editor. Target audience: Nonprofits, NGOs, cause organizations, social enterprises, businesses, Web publishers, bloggers, social media managers, individuals. Newsletters, websites and Facebook pages with photos that could be improved — maybe cropped tighter or made brighter — can be that much more powerful. So how do you edit photos when you’re not a designer and don’t have access to pricey programs like Adobe Photoshop or Aperture from Apple, and when you only occasionally need to edit images online? You’ll be happy to know that while Web-based photo-editing tools were once limited, now many websites provide basic editing options such as cropping and resizing. Before we get to the photo editing tools, let’s touch on some basic things you need to know to change your images into wow-worthy creations.
Image resolution describes the detail an image holds and refers to the number of dots, or pixels, in a linear inch of the image, measured in dots per inch (dpi) or pixels per inch (ppi). Most Internet images are 72 or 96 dpi (mostly depending on whether you’re a Mac or PC). File size measures the size of a computer file, in kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB). Web photos should generally be no larger than 100KB. 2Pixlr is a more advanced, Flash-based editor, which offers most of the basic Photoshop functionality at no cost. The basic editing tool, Pixlr Express, is simple and easy to use, with big buttons that allow you to make changes with one click. The advanced editor, Pixlr Editor, is quite similar to Photoshop in layout, with areas including navigation, layers and history. 3Pixlr-o-matic is made by the same company as Pixlr and allows you to add filters (a la Instagram), overlays and borders. 4Splashup is an advanced Flash-based editor that allows you to open an image from your computer, Facebook, Flickr and others. 6Ribbet is a Flash-based editor built on the same platform as Picnik, which used to be a top online editing tool before it shut down. Allows for basic edits (crop, rotate, exposure and others), a large variety of effects, touchups (blemish fix, airbrush, sunless tan, mascara, lip color, cloning and others) and creative frames. 8LunaPic is an editing tool with a variety of animations, which could be good for Tumblr images. 9iPiccy is an online editor that offers basic and advanced edits, with the added ability to upload photos to a photo basket.
Sumopaint also has a strong community of users at, which allows users to share images and interact with one another. 11Citrify is a basic editing program that allows you to adjust (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, resize, rotate, sharpen), touch up (airbrush, blemish, glare, red eye, toothbrush, wrinkle) and add a limited amount of effects and stickers. Lindsay Oberst is a freelance writer who writes about art, culture and topics that relate to social and environmental good. Our colleague Carla says she also likes the photo editing apps Perfectly Clear and Pro HDR (if you shoot high dynamic range images). With Kestrel GX you can edit your photos in just 10 simple steps (It has a wizard-like interface which is perfect for beginners). Learning: We provide thousands of free articles, tutorials and resources to the social good community.
Through the use of fun tools, children can acquire helpful editing skills—and in doing so, grow to see editing as a natural part of the writing process.
To help them gain stronger self-editing skills, prepare a kit of special editing tools for young writers. For storage, you’ll need a zipper pouch, small tote bag, plastic zip-top bag, or other container to keep all the editing tools in one place. Some children may want to wear a special hat or visor and refer to it as their Editor’s Hat. With a younger student (perhaps 7 to 9 years old), tracking each word on the paper will help him slow down and examine his work more carefully during the editing process. If your child wants to track words with his pointer finger, he could wear a finger puppet on that finger. WriteShop encourages students to self-edit and revise in order to create a published final draft.
Although WordPress allows for some image editing capabilities, it’s not ideal to upload large images into your WordPress admin and use that for re-sizing or cropping images. It’s much cleaner to do your image editing outside of WordPress and upload images at the size you need them.
When dealing with images for the web there’s a few concepts you should become familiar with.
If you take an image right off your digital camera, it’s likely to be a few MBs which is too weighty for use on your website.
Preview (MAC) – If you are lucky enough to be a MAC owner, you more than likely have the program Preview already installed on your computer (check your Applications folder) .
While Google Image search provides access to a vast selection of images, you should be careful about using anything you find – you could be violating somebody’s copyright.
For me, Smile Softwarea€™s PDFpen for iPad ($15) and iPhone ($5) work as adjuncts to PDFpen Pro, the desktop version of the same app. PDFpen offers a collection of tools that make it easy for you to markup and edit your PDF documents. PDFpen for iPad and iPhone each offer an extensive set of tools for creating new PDF documents and marking up and editing the text in existing documents.
Tapping any document opens it for editing in PDFpen, although the type of document you open will determine the editing features available to you within the app. When a document is open, a title bar at the top offers access to a variety of document management and editing tools. If the text in your document is editable, when you select a line of text youa€™ll see an option to Correct Text.
While, overall, I am happy with the tools PDFpen offers for editing and marking up PDF documents, I am disappointed to report that I found both versions of the app to be rather buggy.

While PDFpen offers excellent editing tools, it often mis-rendered pages, making them uneditable. A good image captures interest, creates connection and provokes a reaction, which can then inspire action.
Plus, if your nonprofit wants to impress on Pinterest or Tumblr, knowing how to enhance images and add words and other elements to your images is essential. Saving photos as JPGs is preferred for digital images because it compresses while also maintaining picture quality.
To use this Flash-based service (not to be confused with Photoshop Elements), sign up for a free account or test drive the service first.
Basic edits (crop, rotate, resize, auto correct, exposure, red eye, touch-up, saturation), advanced edits (white balance, highlight, dodge, burn, sharpen, soft focus), effects (crystallize, pixelate, hue, tint and others) and graphics (text, bubbles, frames and others) are available. You can even layer images on top of one another or use other effects to transform your photos.
Make adjustments (crop, resize, auto fix, color splash, vibrance, white teeth, touch-up, airbrush and others), add effects (only a few), overlays (space, smoke, vignette and others), borders, stickers and text (only seven font options). Make adjustments (hue, levels, curves, exposure and others), add filters (sharpen, noise, halftone, tilt shift, blur and others) and create layers. Its layout is similar to Photoshop, with layers and filters (but not as many options as Pixlr). Some former Picnik engineers decided to create this tool, which is Flash based and offers basic edits (rotate, crop, sharpen, resize), effects (some good ones like the HDR one), touch-ups (blemish fix, teeth whiten, lip tint and other ones in the paid edition), text (with many font options), overlays, frames and textures. Offers fullscreen editing, along with basic edits, many effects (pop art, HDR and others), touch-ups (blemish fixer, shine remover, wrinkle remover, hair color, clone tool and others), layers, paint tools, frames and textures. It has a free version with basic editing tools, a $9 version with 35+ more filters and tools and a $19 version with the 35 extra features, along with a desktop app for offline use. Put simply, this image resizer is is easy to use and will help you convert, crop, rotate, or edit your image in no time. You can also enhance your images with a wide range of special effects like filters, vignettes, frames, borders, tilt-shift effect amongst others. Editor on the other side is a small and very simple application that will allow you to add filters to your photos. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! Label it as your Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™ and keep it in your writing center so it’s always handy.
I can’t say enough good {delightful, positive, enthusiastic} things about The Synonym Finder.
If so, they should use their hat for this unique purpose and store it with the supply of editing tools. There are a variety of ways to do this, from pointing at each word with his pointer finger to touching each word with the eraser end of his pencil.
You could also purchase a set of plastic toy fingers from a party supply store or costume shop and let him wear one as he tracks each word on his Writing Project. One child may look down on such props while another sees them as great fun—so gather items to wear on a pointer finger according to your child’s interest and store them in the Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™.
Here are more ideas for using the Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™ to edit a writing assignment. The Said It, Read It, Edit Bag™, and many more exciting editing ideas, come straight from the pages of WriteShop Junior. After teaching writing at the college level for over 15 years, I must say that I share your concerns. At WriteShop, we love equipping and inspiring you to teach writing, even when it seems like an uphill battle. You’ll end up storing a lot of extra images on your server and over time it could affect the performance of your site. This is especially true if your theme features a slider, or uses featured images that need to be very specific dimensions. So if your theme says you need an image of 500 x 200, that would mean 500 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. So the bigger the file size the more space on your server it takes up, and the longer it will take to load on the web page. The optimal size may depend on exactly how the image is being used, but I generally tell people to shoot for around 30kb. This relates to the resolution of the image – the higher the dpi, the higher quality of image you have. If you want to super-geek out and find out the difference between all three, you can do so here. If you just need to do basic things like re-sizing, cropping and even some basic effects, you can use their Express version. You just upload your image, edit using their website interface, then download the edited pic to your computer. Supposedly it works on both MAC and PC, but the installation appears to be much simpler for a PC. This handy program does the basic resizing, cropping and filesize optimizing that you typically need for WordPress. This will enable you to find images that people don’t mind you using, as long as you provide attribution in the way of a link back to the Flickr page. Admittedly, ita€™s great to have quick access to portable versions of PDF editing tools almost anywhere I need them, but the iOS versions of PDFpen, while good, fall short of what they could and should be. You can either import them directly from one several supported services, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Box, and Google Drive, or you can import documents using any app that supports iOSa€™s a€?Open ina€? feature. For example, a PDF file created from a scanned image without OCR wona€™t have text that can be selected, while PDFs created directly from word processing documents or for which the text has been recognized using an OCR program will have selectable text.
On the left side are tools for undoing your last edit, displaying page thumbnails, and searching for text within the document. Choosing this option changes the entire line your cursor is on into an editable line of text. I had a number of issues with the iPad app, including incompletely rendered pages, pages out of focus, and stuttering or multi-second pauses when scrolling up or down on a page. It offers a number of powerful and useful tools for marking up and editing your PDF documents on your iOS device. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love.

All organizations need quality images that inspire people to act — to share, to like, to comment, to give.
Don’t worry about dpi or ppi for Internet images — image resolution has nothing to do with how an image appears on a screen — but you do need to be concerned with the pixel dimensions of your image.
A wand tool and a lasso tool are included, as well as a clone stamp tool, red eye reduction and others. Offers basic edits (auto fix, fix red eye, resize, flip and others), effects, decorations (text, draw and others), animations, beautify (fix blemishes, smooth wrinkles) and layers, with a layout that is easy to use, yet different than layers in Photoshop.
Many features are free, but for $4.99 a month, users get ad-free editing, 40 percent more effects, double the touch-up tools and more. You can use it to enhance the colors in your images, give them a vintage appearance or simply give them a professional editing touch.
Alternatively, he could gather several colorful or distinctive plastic rings to wear while editing.
My fellow contributors and I invite you to poke around the blog, where you'll find teaching tips, writing activities, and hope for reluctant writers. The file size is often proportionate to the dimensions and resolution of an image, but an image can also be compressed so that the dimensions remain the same, but the file size decreases. If you have some type of portfolio site where you will be showcasing larger images, but perhaps only one image per page, you could go for a higher size – maybe up to 100kb. Each image on Flickr has a License section in the right column where its owner can designate how they allow the image to be used, so be sure to pay attention to that. I know that WordPress is liberating when you know how to use it, and bewildering when you don’t.
Alternatively you can create new documents using one of three templates, from a photo stored in your photo library, or using items on your devicea€™s clipboard.
The apps also recognize documents that contain form fields and make entering data into those fields a snap. This tool allows for minor edits of one or two words in a single line, but cannot be used to edit entire paragraphs. But at present it is fraught with a number of intermittent and significant bugs that may render it difficult to use for its intended purpose. The software’s customization options give you the power to tailor your design interface to enhance the productivity of your workflow, saving you design time on every project.
Edit photos from Facebook, Picasa, your computer and other places, and share to a variety of social-networking sites and email when you’re done. Once you upload an image, the layout of interface is very simple and clean, with rounded buttons and colorful pictures. A convenient and intuitive interface allows you to operate the online editing of digital photos uploaded to the server.
Of even more concern are the problems students have with organizing logically, developing ideas fully, providing evidence, and considering issues on a deeper level reflecting critical thinking skills. But if you have multiple images on a page, as many WordPress homepages do, the lower the number, the faster your site will load. Typically higher resolution images have a larger file size, so reducing the dpi to 72 for the web is usually an easy way to cut down on the file size. But the iPad version is optimized for the iPad, with a much cleaner interface and tighter controls. Documents you create or import are stored using iCloud, but you also have the option of including other folders, such as a Dropbox folder, for syncing as well. Selecting the Markup tool allows you to highlight, squiggle, underline, and strikethrough text or draw free-form objects and annotations on the page. And when working on sophisticated documents that include multiple columns or text boxes containing content unrelated to the text youa€™re editing, PDFpen often selected text across boundaries, making it impossible to make changes without affecting the unrelated text. On my 5S scrolling was never an issue, but sometimes pages within documents appeared as blank pages, even though the thumbnails showed that there was text. While I can recommend it as a great tool, you may want to wait for a future update to avoid potential frustration. The BobCAD-CAM design software provides one the largest selections of professional drawing and modeling tools in a CAD product available at its price point.
After youa€™ve selected the markup tool, an Info button allows you to change the way the markup tool will work on the page.
I also found that if the text I was selecting was near the top of the document and therefore also near the toolbar, the iOS magnifying glass that shows where your cursor is displayed the text but did not show the cursor. Generic tutorials and videos only go so far - when you need specialized knowledge, or a real person to answer your questions, that's where I come in.
For example, if youa€™ve selected the freeform drawing tool, you can set the line style, width, and color. FREE TRIALFind the Right CNC Software SolutionCall Us Today 877-262-2231Utilize over 100 easy to navigate geometry tools to create and edit sophisticated part models quickly and efficiently. I help non-techies understand and use the web to empower their personal or business mission. A Library tool provides a collection of pre-defined objects you can place on the page, options for inserting images from your photo library, and a standard collection of proofreading symbols. A wide range of powerful wireframe, surface, and solid model design tools deliver the performance you need to generate everything from simple flat patterns to complex 3D models with intricate details. If youa€™re using iCloud, any of the items you create and store in the Library will be available for use in other versions of PDFpen on other devices, including your Mac. Once you have your wireframe, you can use the Project to Z Plane feature to flatten the wireframe geometry to a user-defined location on the Z plane.Cross Section Viewing Cross Section Viewing allows you to inspect the internal details of your solid model as if it were cut straight across any plane.
This powerful viewing feature also gives you the ability to generate wireframe geometry of the cross section where the plane intersects with the part.Dynamic Drawing Dynamic drawing offers the control and flexibility needed to easily create your part geometry.
This powerful feature gives you the ability to push and pull surfaces and solid model geometry to quickly adjust part dimensions.
It also allows you to easily move and rotate your parts around the workspace, which helps to speed up the design process.Snap Increment All dynamic drawing functions include a snap increment function, which acts as a uniform grid in the workspace. This allows you to define snap increments based on distances or angles for rotation functions. This feature creates a whole new level of efficiency for dynamic drawing by greatly reducing the number of clicks and data entry modifications.Wireframe Creation Tools BobCAD-CAM offers a wide variety of easy to use 2D geometry tools such as Points, Lines, Arcs, Splines, Offsets, and Parallel Lines to sketch your parts.

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