In some appliaction user want to keep everything (add, edit and delete pages as one page) in one place, where user can add, edit and delete content they want using inline editing features. I have created sample table to implement this, use following sql query to create sample table for demo purpose.
Create index.php file and add following css and jquery files to implement simple textbox inline editing. Now add following a tag and define type following properties data-type, data-pk, data=url and data-title. Now define inline editing style with following jQuery script as well defining above textbox as an editable one.
Now when user clicks on above a tag text, editable textbox will open where they can enter there name and submit to save.

To implement editable datapicker you need to add following datapicker css and jquery files. Finally create post.php file, which take care of submitted data through inline editing and updates the database table fields. However, when I refresh the page with text I have already saved, it displays the text with a line space above the text.
This tutorial is simply giving you the information to use this editing tool if you do so choose. The comments textarea puts a lot of whitespaces before and after the value retrieved from the db. If you already have a vignette adding a texture with a strong vignette will make the vignette that much more prominent.

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