After you install this tool on your PC you will be surprised how easy the work with PDF documents will become.
With the help of this program you will be able to change the parameters of your PDF files such as author, data of creating, keywords, topic and title. Each page of PDF file created with the help of this app will be of standard size ??4 (210 N… 297 mm) but using the editing tools you may change these parameters easily.Free PDF Editor provides great possibilities for editing documents by offering the most complete set of tools for changing files.
Here is the official description for FaceFilter Studio - Photo Editor: FaceFilter Studio, the revolutionary facial beautification technology, makes digital photo repair simple and convenient for professionals and home users alike. You may even draw geometrical shapes in your PDF file, use color filling tool, insert images from your hard disc and format the text by altering its color, size, font and style.

All that is required to get great results is a certain level of patience - good results do not necessarily come quickly - and a willingness to experiment. PDF Editor allows to create PDF documents and provides the most complete set of tools for editing them.
Besides that it supports not only PDF but also FPE format so you may edit your files later. Using Reallusion's 3D muscle-based photo morphing technology, FaceFilter's powerful 5-step process enables anyone to enhance expressions, remove common skin blemishes, smooth wrinkles, sharpen and improve facial structure, remove red Eye with one click, correct color Balance, and print instant photo stickers. This format works as backup copy for main file.-Convert Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Text and image files to PDF format.

FaceFilter Studio also serves as an excellent addition or supplement to your existing photo editing software, maximizing your ability to create perfect photos.
Improve skin's complexion and smooth the texture by reducing wrinkles, lines or rough skin.

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