Snoop Photo Editor software allows to enhance images with frames, stickers, text, share images online on Flickr,¬†and lets you save enhanced image to PC in *.bmp. In below screenshot, you can see all the available tools in Snoop Photo Editor’s interface, which you can use to enhance images. Snoop photo editor is a portable software and you can download it using the link present at the end of this article.
Drag n drop support is not available in Snoop Photo Editor, so you have to click on Image option to add an image. One of the disappointing part about this free photo editor software is that there is no undo facility available neither you can adjust the position of frame or sticker, after inserting it on an image. Once an image is ready, you can save it, and can share it (sharing is possible only after saving the image).
Plenty number of stickers are available in different categories, like music, weather, animals, emoticons, Christmas, etc. OIE (Online Image Editor) is a web service that provides Gif Maker to make animated gifs online and you can edit your animations by adding text, border, glitters, stars, resize and much more.
OIE Gif Maker is a simple service where you can create animations by uploading images from web or from your computer.
Working with OIE Gif Maker is an easy task where you need to upload images like the above screenshot. Once you have done these adjustments, you can hit the Create Animation button and it will generate your animated gif showing you preview on a pop up window (see the below screenshot). While editing your animation, OIE provides two tabs: Basics and Wizards (like the below screenshot). Add multiple animated gifs to merge them or add multiple images of different formats to create an animated gif.
Online Image Editor service is a handy service to quickly create animated gifs and it provides more features than other similar services.
You can even take print of enhanced image or can send it to a friend via email directly using its interface.
Here, one good thing is that it lets you add an image either from PC or you can download an online image by providing the image url, and can edit that image. Multiple tools are available, like Stickers, text tool, some basic effects, and frames to add in an image can be used.

Use File option to save enhanced image to PC and Share option to upload it online on Flickr, image shack, or on Tiny Pic.
To insert a sticker on image, just double-click on any area of that image, and that sticker will be added. It is a very useful service which allows you to create animated gifs as well as edit other images or animations. Based on your requirement, you can also use free hand tool to draw on image with any favorite color and can save the image. After downloading it, open its interface where you need to add an image to enhance with image editing tools. Unique feature present in this service is that you can merge two or more than two animated gifs.
But if you want more enhanced animation, then you can use Image Editor to add more effects to your animated gif. Add multiple photos with different formats or animated gifs using Choose File button or upload photos from web. Unique feature about this free photo editor software is that it comes with plenty number of stickers with different categories.
Such as it must provide undo option, ability to adjust the added frame or sticker by dragging and dropping, and option to save the enhanced image in more than a single image format. Thus it is a handy service that supports all popular image formats such as: jpeg, gif, bmp, png, jpeg, animated gif. Am I allowed to?MediaWiki is free software: this means that you may use it for any purpose without legal hindrance. Moreover, it can also be used, like a basic image converter software, as it allows to convert an image into jpeg, bmp, gif, and in png format. Using this tab, you will be able to add stars, glitters, floaties, overlay image, blinkytag etc.
After uploading photos, you can set the animation speed (see the above screenshot) and transition effect for each image. This means that although many wikis license their content under a permissive license, you are not obliged to license the content submitted to your wiki in any particular way.
Once you have applied the effects, then you can save your animation with the help of available button.

Of course, as a project founded to support sites like Wikipedia, we encourage you to license the texts you write under a free license, but, in short, you are not required to. If you wish to alter or amend the software itself, in general, you are permitted to, but there are some restrictions and you should consult the full text of the GNU GPL version 2 for details.
The MediaWiki development team refers you to your Linux distribution for assistance with installing, configuring or using them. Without shell access, it may even be difficult for you to get a backup of your wiki, or to upgrade to a new version. The text of the error is similar to the following:The file is corrupt or has an incorrect extension.
Append --bureaucrat to command line if you want that user to become a bureaucrat, in addition to becoming an administrator.This will create a new user and promote them to an administrator. In essence, you will be backing up your old installation and then "restoring" it onto the new machine. This allows the logo to be replaced easily, so you may want to protect the page if you use this method. If set wrong there will be no image on the page; check your web server error log and adjust accordingly.
However the size of the p-logo will need to be big enough for the logo if it is not to be clipped. This can be changed by altering the contents of MediaWiki:Mainpage to point to a different title. When creating a page to override the default it is useful to first save the default version, to allow diffs with it. It should be noted that the following 'answer' is a hack that only 'works' with the Apache webserver.
Note also that this system is not foolproof, it's just one step further than hiding the links (see above).Suppressing actions and special pages can be useful when you want to create the illusion of a static website via a particular URL or VirtualHost, but also have an 'internal' view that is a true wiki.

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