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Photo Editor by Aviary is a clean, elegant, all in one photo fixing tool with simple user interface.
Aviary Photo Editor Android app has moved from being a simple plug-in to the stand-alone application. The app is offered for free and you can download Photo Editor by Aviary for AndroidA by hitting the widget bellow.
Todos adoramos retocar las fotos de nuestras vacaciones o las que capturamos con amigos con aplicaciones especiales que descargamos en nuestro ordenador. Una de ellas es PicSay, un sencillo y divertido editor de fotos que les permitira realizar retoques a las imagenes que capturen en el celular directamente desde el movil.
Este programa les permitira retocar el color de las fotos y colocar en las mismas globos de dialogo, titulos, graficos, efectos divertidos y muchas cosas mas que haran a sus imagenes mas entretenidas. Desarrollador de software egresado de la Universidad Catolica de Argentina, blogger y fotografo. PicsArt is a great fun image editor app with lot's of features plus social and sharing options. PicsArt has a camera app built in to add added function to your android devices existing built in camera with feature like sequence shot.
PicsArt also has a tool option which contains tools to rotate, crop, free crop, shape crop, flip and re-size your images.
Images you want to edit with PicsArt don't even need to be stored on your android device, you can upload images direct from Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa, Flickr or from your PicsArt account. I have always been impressed with the on-line image editor Pixlr and now they have developed an Android app which is equally as impressive and like PicsArt great fun to use and full of features and effects.The first thing I notice that I like is the minute you open the Pixlr Express you are asked if you want to take a picture or use one you already have and what's really great is that the picture can be from any where, on your device or from images you may have stored in the cloud ( as long as you have a cloud storage app on your device, like for example the Dropbox app ). If you just want to use Pixlr as an image editor like in the traditional sense of improving, lightening, removing red eye  etc, Pixlr has lot's of solid tools under the adjustment section, tools like red eye tool, sharpen , blur, auto-fix, vibrance, touch-up and colour tools. I think Pixlr has a really easy to use user-interface , it's also real easy to un-do any changes you made in case you messed up your image so you can experiment worry free. In the effects tab there are options to add a border, lighten or add a filter to your image, as well as a blur tool.
In the correct tab there are tools to improve your image by adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness as well as a handy auto level tool. Cymera has some beauty tools, slim yourself, cover blemishes with the concealer tool or even add makeup. The user can share an image from their android browser and edit it app but you need a Cymera account to do that.
Last but by no means least Cymera has inbuilt camera so you can take a photo and edit it straight away in the app or even better edit it before you take it by using one of the many shoot modes like fish eye or college. Cyera also has a really functional image viewer to help you find the image you wish to edit easier. Not all of the filters and effects are available to apply before you take a photo using the app built-in camera but a good number are like tilt-shift, colour-shift, funny effects like fish eye filter and mirror image filters.
If you wish to edit an existing image you will have much more options available to edit your image and there are some new and different effects and filters available to what the other image editors I have reviewed have, so if you fancy a change give Camera360 Ultimate a go.
Some of the effects and filters include as listed above magic skin and various filters to add colour or effects to the image.
As with other image editor apps Camera 360 also has a collage tool to quickly make collages out of a number of images. More fun tools include the 'huge head' tool which gives the subject of your photo a big head which is supposed to make them look like a baby. As well as some of the fun effects and filters mentioned above there are some enhance filters which quickly improve the image by applying a filter. As with most other image editor apps sharing your edited image online with various social network sites is easy with the share button.
The last thing I'd like to mention is Camera360 supports Sony lens style cameras which connect to Sony Android phones, as I don't have one of these types of phones I was unable to test this feature but if you do have you should definitely check it out.

Apart from the free web-based Photoshop Express Editor, the same developer has offered to mobile users a free and excellent image editor Adobe Photoshop Express for running on your mobile device. This app makes full use of multi-touch gestures and is designed with ease-of-use in mind for editing your digital images on the go. Best of all, you can get fine-grained controls for exposure, saturation, tint and contrast by simply sliding your finger across an image, and as you're doing so, you see your editing result on the spot. Some basic built-in effects and borders are included for quick alterations in this app although it has fewer choices than those available in other apps such as PicsArt and Pixlr-o-matic.
Award winning Android image editor PicSay - Photo Editor now offers a version of its professional photo software for free. PicSay is jam-packed with effects as well as enabling you to add text and speech bubbles to pictures, making it perfect for e-cards and presentations on the go. One of the most amazing features of this software is the ability to "fix" photos using classic features of editing software such as tint, hue, saturation and toning. One of the only issues I had with this software was the image quality: it was restricted to SD, with the only available resolution being 427x320. With the most impressive GUI of all these applications, Pixlr-o-matic is full of filters and effects not found in most other image editing programs, and these in particular can be used to create really heartfelt pictures. One thing I didn't notice in the other programs was the ability to take pictures directly through the application, instead of switching apps to take the picture and then switching back again. This software is extremely good, giving you access to features usually only featured in Pro versions, including the ability to save high definition photos. If PicSay - Photo Editor is for on the go, and Pixlr-o-matic is for home, then Lab is for fun. If you are looking for fun, casual photos when you have plenty of time, I would suggest Pho.To Lab. This app has lot's of features, effects, tools etc the most I've seen available in a free image editor app, plus all the image sharing options. Ease of use, allows for cropping, rotating, straightening and flipping photos, fine-grained controls for exposure, saturation, tint and contrast.
High and Maximum Quality pictures only available in full version and not enough fonts for text. Aaiiay i?ia?aiia iicaieeo aai o?acaou, niaaeiyou iaeeaauaaou a?oa ia a?oaa aeaai-?ieeee eee iocueo, i?eiaiyy ?acee?iua yooaeou.
The app is remarkable mainly due to its very well designed interface and the ease with which you can access the various options.
Pero, quienes tienen en sus manos un smartphone con el sistema operativo Android pueden bajar aplicaciones gratuitas muy divertidas para editar fotos desde el celular.
Debajo descargan esta aplicacion o sino pueden buscarla en el Android Market desde el movil. With PicsArt the user can add lot's of really great different filters and effects to their images as well as stickers and borders.
I found the image processing time to be quite speedy and once your image is created you can share easerly to alot of different sites such as Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, Dropbox, Foursquare, Blogger, Wordpress and of course PicsArt.
There are more PicsArt apps available which can complement use of the app, I have listed them in the quick selection guide and a Gizmo's review for PicsArt viewer can be found here.
Pixlr also enables you to add different types of text to your image as-well as stickers if you want to for fun.
Some of the tools I had the most fun with was the colour splash and focal blur tool, I love having a black and white image and just picking out the colour of one object in the photo it's easy to do and looks great. Pixlr is as good as PicsArt in the image editor stakes the only reason I placed it second is it's missing the social aspect that PicsArt has and a lot of users are looking for that in their apps these days.
There is also a tool to make your eyes bigger ( although I thought it made me look like a alien but each to their own ).
There are filters that enable you to give your image a retro feel making it look like an old photograph or black and white as well as filters that blur the image so it looks like a dream shot from a 1940's film. There is even a ghost filter to add a spooky ghost to your image which is the first time I've come across that while reviewing image editors.

Share the image with other apps you may have installed on your device or link your Camera360 cloud with your Facebook or Twitter account (as well as other social networks and image sharing websites). All you need to do is tap the picture to bring up the menu giving you the options of; effects, word balloons as well as titles, stickers, export via Bluetooth, gmail, google+, MMS as well as options to share it via installed apps that support photos.
This software is ideal for anyone taking casual pictures to send to friends or family while on holiday or away from home. Both High (640x480) and Maximum (1024x768) definitions are only available in the Pro version. On the downside, buttons are fixed to the size of the screen instead of a default size, meaning that on smaller screens the text becomes difficult to read. With over 450 effects, montages and filters, it is definitely something you can use with friends, with lot's of sharing options this a fun and social photo editor app.
If you are looking for something a bit more personalized, I would recommend one of the above applications.
You have to select your effect or filter then select save then edit the image which sometimes can be a fiddly. If you would like to give something back to the freeware community by taking it over, check out this page for more details.
I have found there to be plenty of options for each effect etc lot's of choice especially  for a free app.
There are also many different effects to add like for example add a vintage look to your image. Images can also be shared directly to other apps you may have on your device like Facebook.
Cymera has all the basic necessary tools needed to crop, rotate and even straighten out an image. Images can shared to other android apps you may have installed but no built in share options apart from to your Cymera account. The colour picker tool allows you to chose one colour in the image and highlight by making the whole image black and white apart from for example the red parts of the image, it's a quick way to make photos look special especially when used with other filters. I linked my Camera360 cloud to my Facebook account and my edited photos could be shared even when I didn't have the Camera 360 app open easily. These allow you to change the picture as a whole instead of having to apply effects bit by bit to the whole photo. The variety of ways to send photos are more limited than PicSay, making it a better choice for home users than for users on the go. Unfortunately, the free version applies a watermark to the photo, which can be noticed easily.
The same segment also includes tools to control the brightness, saturation, contrast and warmth of colors that can be operated extremely intuitive. The straighten out tool could come in handy as we've all taken a great photo but for want of a better word is a little 'cocked eyed' this tool will fix that.
In the beauty tab there is also a fun hairstyle tool to try different hairstyles on yourself, this is one for the girls as there are only female hairstyles, there are only a limited number available but there are more available to download free.
You can also view images in the Camera360 cloud on your PC the app doesn't have to be open.
Another really great feature not all android image editor apps have is PicsArt has the option to add text to your image either as an overlay or as a speech bubble, very useful as a productive tool or just for fun. Every time you remove the watermark however, a dialog opens up asking you to buy the full version. As for effects, a substantial amount is offered but you can also installA additionalA packages you can download from the Store.

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