To invoke the debug session we placed the call to DebugBreak() in the beginning of GiveAd.php.
For the purpose of this article we are running PHP Editor on the same machine with the Apache serving PHP and dbg extension. NuSphere also has detailed table of dbg modules for various platforms here –one page that is really hard to find! The basic formatting tools and attachments are integrated in one application and also demonstrates using SMTP server and how to configure the default SMTP server. To configure "Default SMTP Virtual Server", right-click on it, go into "Properties", and select "Access" tab, and then click the "Relay" button. Now before writing the actual code for sending mail we have to write the code which formats the text or prepare the text editor.

To send attachments, we need to add attachments using the Add method, which is available in the Attachments object.
Make sure that you have created a Folder “ Uploads” in the root and have full access to this folder. This article has no explicit license attached to it but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves. You can get Self Employed Resume Template and make this for your education in computer, tablet, and smartphone device for free. It makes use of Dynamic Script Injection to make a call to your PHP script (GiveAd.php) and get back an advertisement that it needs to display. Here is what I bring forward to you complete email sending with formatting text editor like Colored, Bold, Italicized, Indented you can even have the Links and pictures and attachments in single application.

PHP script determines which ad to send back based on the client’s id provided by the JavaScript. If you are using PhpED FREE trial - you still have fully functional commercial version of dbg in your PhpED trial install folder, as described above.
The classes involved are MailMessage which manages the content of the mail message and MailAttachment which manages the mail attachments.
It is through the MailMessage object, we set all the properties such as To, From, Subject, Body etc.

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