To make it easier for you, I did an extensive search and tracked down more than a handful of photo editors worth shouting about. Selected a general list of criteria that you might use to judge what you are looking for, and judged each editor accordingly.
Take the time to learn the basics and you will then be free to create anything you can imagine.There are countless tutorials available online and on Youtube for those wanting to get their foot in the door.
Feature love: This type of interface reminds me a little of GIMP, with all the basic tools and a lot of options. Worth Shouting About: Besides the capabilities of the image editor itself, Aviary has an entire suite full of tools to give you what you need. It’s not as straight forward as other editors, but well worth it if you take the time to learn the basics. Filters: There are 15 effects and adjustments, and roughly each of those gives you different of levels on intensity.
Worth Shouting About: A personal favourite trick, it can make up for where your camera lacks with a few super simple mouse clicks. Worth Shouting About: If you miss the easy touch up and filters of Picnik you will like this. The down side is some of the filters have the PicMonkey logo stamped in the corner which is annoying. Look Mummy, look what I did!: I took a photo of my favourite earrings, and simply increased saturation and applied the Cross Process filter. Thank you so much ?? And thanks for being a help to the rest of us bloggers ?? It’s so much fun when you can be that much more creative!
She created the magazine after many years being immersed in the art scene and creating and growing the largest Australian artists group on DeviantArt. Just click "Set Photo Mask" button, and then choose "Select a Mask for Photo" or "Change Mask and Photo Size" option to set mask effects. Editor releases a series of new Easter frames, including bunnies, eggs and so on and so forth.
Below are some pictures edited with Frame Photo Editor, including lovely baby, cute kids and mature women. This has more capabilities and features than you can poke a stick at, just check online for how-to’s.

This is a downloadable program and does not give you the option to directly link to other websites. I wish I knew more about this to be able to review it more but a quick Google search reveals there is a portable app available. This might not be a beginners cup of tea with all its advanced tools, but anyone can learn. You will find, Screen Capture, Music Creator, Audio Editor, Vector Editor, Image Markup, Effects Editor, Swatch Editor. Just focusing on the editor alone, this is a great option that will give you what you need to create amazing photos and so much more. The effects here are nothing special, Black & White, I just love this photo in its simplicity.
It’s an incredibly simple process and the layout makes it relatively easy to figure it out in no time. The white balance for example, will give you a few options to get that colour right if your camera just won’t behave. I have used it from time to time when I just want a super quick way to touch up colour or tweak a photo. This is very user-friendly and straightforward to use, but lacks in feature depth for advanced users. And from what I read, former Picnik staffers have been involved in its creation so that makes a lot of sense.
It’s invaluable to me as a new blogger, and I have spent the last couple of hours playing around with the applications you listed. It’s been a long time coming but I am working on the rest of the series and hopefully it will be posted soon. You are inspiring me to choose an editor and actually learn how to create all the cool stuff! In your posts there really are so many good tips especially for a beginner like me and I can’t wait to try them out!
I have just start a blog in the past few weeks and your photo posts have helped me more than you could imagine. Thank you dearly for the follow and for adding me to your favourites, congrats on starting your blogging journey!!

It makes me so happy to be able to help others achieve their best photos, it’s a pleasure to write. And you are most welcome, it makes me so happy to see other bloggers being able to express themselves creatively.
Beautiful.bizarre is a quarterly boutique publication which showcases the work of prominent and upcoming contemporary artists, in all mediums including traditional, digital, sculpture and photography, providing them with a beautifully designed and published digital and print publication to promote their talent to both galleries and the wider community. I cannot seamlessly put Angelina Jolie’s head on a mermaids body while it rides a dragon, ok?
Beginners may find this more of a headache to start with, but it’s straight forward to learn with the help of tutorials.
But if you’re looking for Photoshop type capabilities without the price tag, this is for you. Creating the layers took me about 30 mins, the actual animation took less than 10 minutes to figure out. Admittedly I was a little lost trying to experiment with the editor, but that’s not a bad thing.
Overall if you’re looking for user-friendly, quick edits this is a great option for you. Using that along with the WordPress app helps me manage and create new blog posts without a computer if I don’t have any access.
I’m the kind of person that tries something once and expects greatness from the first time hahhaa. Then my husband wanted to edit something and learnt how to do it himself, I was determined at that point to try for myself. Rather than judge one photo editor against another, this will help you judge them based on your experience levels and what you are looking for. It’s a quick and lazy way to go back and forth to see which effect you like the best.
I also find the photo editing options on Photobucket useful for simple changes, its all there in one place.

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