In this post, I have compiled a list of 13 best free online photo collage creator that are completely web-based (no downloads required). Rated by PCMag as one of the top 100 websites of 2013, PicMonkey is among the best photo editor you can find online. There are 4 different types of collage available for you to choose: template collage, photo stitching, free collage, and shape collage.
At piZap, you can make a collage, edit a photo, make a Facebook Timeline cover, add effects to your web cam photo, and more. At photo collage, you can upload photos on their site to create photo animations, photo slideshows, and collages.
Ribbet is an online photo editor that allows you to store all uploaded photos in the cloud.
CollageIt is one of my favorite collage maker software, which is an extremely easy-to-use and fun photo collage creator that allows you to generate gorgeous collages in minutes. After choosing a template and adding photos, you can easily change the layout and look of your collage with some of its handy features: auto rotate, auto sparse, random layout, and shuffle.
Needs to be simple to operate ( a single picture insert to canvas, point by point crop, feather, position and set layer should be possible in 90 seconds. There are some good pc application of photo Collage Maker, would you plan you to write something about that. Digital photo collage eliminates the need of cutting and pasting printed photos, by using digital images to make a collage with software. With tons of free collage layouts and swatches, you can easily create a collage that suit your taste and needs.
There are lots of free templates available from various categories such as love, fun, and weddings. Firstly, grab your photos from the web, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, or Google Drive. I am really impressed by its user-friendliness, as the web app is extremely easy-to-use and navigate when I first tried it. You can easily create a perfect collage with various texture colors and borders to choose from. Simply choose one of the collage shapes and add photos from your own computer or Facebook account to make a photo collage instantly.

Select a background and image resolution, upload your own picture, add text, and you are ready to go. Its collage generator is surprisingly good, as there are tons of collage styles and some features that others don’t have.
It is incredibly easy to make a basic collage with Picisto: choose a layout, upload photos, add text and shapes, and share with your friends.
A photo collage software generally has more editing features, higher quality collages, and smoother user experience (especially to those who have slower Internet connections). With these features, you no longer have to reposition or rotate every single photo to customize the layout of your collage. Also, CollageIt allows you to create larger and higher resolution images, which are more suitable for printouts.
I do a newsletter for my special needs class each month and am really looking for a collage maker that I can use to make a 11×14 collage, add text to the photos and then save it as a PDF to send to our district print shop. It is extremely popular on Instagram and Facebook nowadays, as people can show multiple pictures in one image to make photos more meaningful & interesting.
You can use photos from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, or even PicMonkey’s self-provided photos. You can change the background color, add background images or text, and edit the picture size or ordering.
Upload pictures from your PC by using its drag & drop function or pick photos from your favorite photo sharing service such as Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, etc. It has quite a number of free templates, which are suitable for those who wish to make a basic collage in minutes. Then, add photos or background images on the canvas from your album and save it on your computer or your online account. It has some advanced features such as effects, text, stickers, touch-up, frames, and a lot more photo editing tools. However, do not expect to create a stunningly beautiful or professional looking collage by using Picisto’s online tool. Simply click on the buttons and drag the sliders to generate hundreds of different layouts instantly.
I have also made similar online app which is new but use latest web technologies like HTML5 canvas, webcam, kineticjs etc only javascript i.e all client-side technology so that no need to upload your photos in server which makes it super fast.

Customization features such as spacing, corner rounding, and resizing are also available for free users. Else, you can learn how to make your own custom collage by going through a great step-by-step tutorial by Kizoa. Sharing and downloading are free, but only 12 collage styles are available for non-premium users. 2003Shape Collage Inc.Shape Collage is a free automatic photo collage maker that lets you create picture collages in less than a minute with just a few mouse clicks. BeFunky offers a versatile photo collage designer that allows you to create collages with ease. Shape Collage creates collages using an intelligent machine learning algorithm that automatically places the photos in the collage and can arrange the photos to form different shapes.
There are plenty of templates provided, as well as customization features like adding text, patterns, and shapes.
This artwork Expansion Pack includes more templates, more artwork, more frames, more masks, and more fun. You can easily switch to BeFunky’s online photo editor, which allows you to add effects and filters, crop, sharpen, blur, touch up, and more. So you can get the most out of Artopia, the artwork Expansion Pack is available to both trial and registered users. Using the software you can easily edit your photos and turn them into a great photo collages. With just a few clicks, you can create digital collages, scrapbooks, posters, invitations, calendars and greeting cards. There are only three steps to make your stunning collage: add photo, set parameters and generate collage preview, save collage as image format.
With just a few clicks, you can create digital collages, scrapbooks, posters, invitations, calendars, photo book, disk cover, fun photo and greeting cards.
Multiple times per day, your wallpaper is refreshed automatically to display a fresh collage of photos presented on a background image of your choice.

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