Now, YouTube aims to help with that as well, it's debuting a brand new video editor that enables you to trim your uploads, tweak the colors and contrast and even apply Instagram-type effects to them, all of this on the web and with no knowledge of video editing required.
While YouTube claims that you needed a dedicated editor if you wanted to trim your videos, that's not exactly true. In fact, the new editor debuting today is an evolution of the experimental one, which is still available in the TestTube section.
That said, the new editor adds quite a lot of new features and is a complete revamp of the experimental version.
Apart from basic processing, there are also a number of filters you can apply to spruce up your video, things like Sepia or Cross Process.
Not mentioned in the App Store description is that with this update, Instagram now requires iOS 4.0 or newer. Apple should make it so that itunes automatically recognizes which app you need based on the phone OS, and then allow you access to the last developed version of the app. PhotoToaster - Photo Editor, Filters, Effects and Borders fo para iOS East Coast Pixels Inc.

With cameras packed even into the cheapest phone and publishing requiring only a YouTube account, the hardest part in creating a video is the editing.
YouTube has been offering a web-based video editor for more than a year now and it's been working on it since. You can cut the boring intro part, or the last minute that doesn't really add anything, but you can also boost colors and contrast. Finally, you can add a song from the provided library to create a soundtrack to your video. There are a few apps which won’t run on the newer operating systems and I can still shoot with Polarize! If you have an old iPhone, check out our “iPhone Photo App Resolutions“ to see which photo apps will still run on your device. The older hardware is just as capable of these basic functions (although slower) but they choose not to support it and it’s pathetic.
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If you’ve upgraded yours, odds are you gave your old device to a family member or a friend.
Although the camera of the 2G is pretty bad by today’s standards, I like shooting with it as sort of a “project” camera.
Windows xp was released in 2001 and even that can still be used effectively if one chooses.
For someone who’s “upgrading” from a non-smartphone, even a used iPhone 3G is a huge improvement. Other apps have dropped support for old iPhones, but this is really one of the last nails…. There are still plenty of apps — photo and non — that will run on an old iPhone, but that number is dwindling.

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