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I’ve been using for a long time a very sophisticated and expensive software to create my own ring-tones for my phone with the parts that I want from a song or to edit any audio file that I want.
Free Audio Editor – it’s LIGHT, runs fast, has plenty of options that allows you to do whatever you want to any audio file, or something you’ve recorded!
Another cool feature is that you can download anything from Youtube and edit the audio file immediately!
After you have recorded your tracks, you can use the mixdown option to merge them into one single track and get your final result! What I have always found frustrating about my colleagues in this industry is their refusal to look forward and be open minded about change.
There is a reason that almost all the innovation in the graphic design industry is now coming from 17 year olds who haven’t learned how to hide behind their elitism.
I have to wonder, as well, why a GOOD photographer would even NEED all the extra fixits for your picture — is your photography really so bad that you need that much help? One other point…not everyone who is a fantastic photographer is also a computer geek. Photoshop is a waste of time and money, threw the disk in the garbage when I found out for myself that PhotoImpact is a truly amazing program for the price. I’ve read all these comments, because, I too (like Karen on Jan 23, 2010) wanted to see what the best free web-based photo editor was out there.
Why get all worked up over people’s attitudes about Photoshop (whether elitest or calm, for or against) when they no longer hold water since they are so old? I guess my point is…don’t get all angry because people 2 years ago had opinions about the way software was designed back then!
Don’t know if this has been asked but can gimp or any other free program use photoshop brushes?

They don’t have a large number of options like Photoshop, i like your post but your comparison is not acceptable.
C4A goal is to provide for you simple converts more easy; more user friendly and more easy to access. I can’t say how frustrated i got when i tried to use Gimp here at work since i only have Photoshop at home. I reinstalled my laptop and cant find my key so now I am looking for photoshop alternative. So go back to your hole, and stop worrying about us freeware junkies, you still get to keep your albatross, and your little sharp tidbits of wisdom will be better spent with your friend at the watercooler of your top-heavy corporations.
Fans on PlayStation 3 and PC platforms finally get to sample the joys of the Nuketown Zombies map on January 17, 2013.
Yes, it was expensive, and I can’t believe that now there is a FREE software almost as good as other PRO versions.
Free Audio Editor is an award-winning audio editing tool, and it is easy to understand why. You can remove the background noise (the annoying noise that you hear when you record something at home in the background), add echo effects, amplify, apply restoration, and many other filters!
Maybe you would like to record yourself singing an instrumental version of one song… you just download the song, and record your voice over the instrumental version! At the last, Free Audio Editor allows you to burn your audio files directly on a disk whenever you want, making your task even easier! I’ve seen pictures taken by so-called amateurs that make many professional pictures look like a simple point and shoot in comparison. About halfway through reading the comments, I realized most of these comments were written almost 2 YEARS ago because the article itself was from May 2008. I used to use GIMP, but stopped due to flaws and bugs in the software and went on to others. I’m going to pay attention to the most relevant comments and suggestions which I feel are dated within the last 4 to 6 months and possibly disregard the article altogether.

Nuketown Zombies map started life as a pre-order bonus before being released in December 2012 for all Season Pass subscribers on Xbox 360. It doesn't actually say that Nuketown is tied to Season Pass ownership the way it is on Xbox 360, but the fact that the tweet links to a Season Pass product page is pretty telling.
Free Audio Editor features editing capabilities, effects units, basic audio recording tools, CD authoring and basic audio conversion.
I’ve read through these comments and found myself getting more angry with each snobby, snarky, arrogant, elitist comment that was made.
Now I can use Photoshop or any one of dozens of other packages to edit them one at a time – and I probably will for a selected few, but not all 7500. What I need is a a program on the web with Lots and lots of Filters with click-use technology. The ability to make a watermark brush is a necessity for the massive number of photos I edit. Free Audio Editor, unlike many freeware audio suites, has evolved as Windows has been updated.
When I started in this business, the old guard sneered at us youngsters who did our design work on desktop computers (real designers used an Xacto knife and rubber cement). There’s no aged-looking graphical user interface in Free Audio Editor, instead you have an Office-esque ribbon, with a logical and easy-to-navigate button setup. I have yet to find anything that can do everything that Photoshop can, especially as a professional designer. Photoshop Elements is always a great, cheaper, more user friendly alternative to the Extended CS versions. People want the alternatives and want software companies to take notice, because when they get too big like Microsoft, they tend to think they know what EVERY user wants more than the user themselves.

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