Property List files, or more commonly known as plist files, are basically Mac application specific preference files.
If you simply want to view a plist file, you can give it a glance with Quick Look, but what if you want to edit a plist file on the Mac? You can launch a plist file directly into Xcode to edit the plist, make changes, and save it. In other words, regardless of what version of Mac OS X you are using, you’ll want to get Xcode to have access to a proper plist editor.
I was looking for a plist editor a while ago and had a hard time getting anything worthwhile that was free, finally I came across Apple.
Here’s a tutorial on how to get the Snow Leopard Property List Editor app working on Lion with XCode 4.

Why install ALL of XCode, when you can download just the plist editor, there are free ones that do the job. Its called Plistinator, and its available for Windows, Mac and Linux; and handles both binary and text (XML) plist files. Just paid and downloaded plistinator through the mac app store and im really happy and recomend Sarah Smiths^ App!!
To properly edit and modify plist files in Mac OS X, you’ll want to get a dedicated app to do so, and fortunately Apple offers one such application which allows for easy safe editing and saving of plist files.
For any modern version of OS X, the Xcode suite includes native Plist editing abilities, whereas earlier versions of Xcode include a separate standalone app called Property List Editor – both are in Xcode, however.
Xcode works to edit any and all plist files, including system plist files, so it is by far the best choice out there.

The only difference is whether the Plist editing application is separate, or if it’s built into Xcode directly.
Another option is to try Pref Setter, which is a free plist editor solution for generic preference and property lists, but do note that third party apps like that will not work to edit system level plist files.
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It amuses me that developers charge for plist editors when Apple has one for free like this, I guess suckers are quickly parted with their money!

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