In this third post of the series I review more  free online Image editors for Picture Quotes. If you post photos or picture quotes to Facebook, or run a blog or website, it is worth learning how to use at least one of these programs.  Unless you want to do very complicated editing and special effects they are not hard to find your way around if you take a little time with them. There’s a good range of free background images and layouts suitable for picture quotes.
You can enhance photos that are not as perfect as you like: recoloring, sharpening, fixing red eye, skin color alterations, removing blemishes and wrinkles. For the images below I uploaded a plain light blue image and had great fun trying all the different coloring and special effect options. All these are perfect for adding text to make picture quotes, joke images, or greetings cards. No registration is needed to upload an image from your computer or a URL or to create an image from scratch.,You need to sign up and login to load an image from your own Facebook, Picasa, Flickr accounts, or your Pixlr library.
In hindsight I should have used clearer fonts or different font colors on the above two images, to make the text stand out more. Other decorative features include various categories of clipart but they would be of limited use. Splashup is a relatively simple online photo editor although the Photoshop-like interface may look daunting.
SumoPaint is a powerful image fully featured image editor, with a Photoshop like interface, which allows you to upload an image or create a blank canvas to start from scratch.

Although relatively complex to use, unlike most of the other online editing tools SumoPaint comes with plenty of video tutorials. Excluding iPiccy,  I was a little disappointed by the range of additions available to add to images in the way of clipart, borders, frames and other special effects. My next post in this series will discuss where you can download free images for use on blogs and social networking sites.
I am Sue Bride, a Professional Blogger, Web Developer and Internet Marketer from the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.
You must have iTunes installed in order to open the link, and you must have an active iTunes account to download the application. In my last post, How to easily make picture quotes, I discussed simple image editors and specific picture quote tools.  My first article gave you reasons for making your own picture quotes in for Facebook, instead of  sharing others images. It has options for creating various types of images including social media, Facebook headers, blog images, posters and presentations.  The default social media size is 800 x 800 but if you want to define a custom size before you start you can.
It has a simple interface but so many features for editing and creating images and adding special effects.
I was just playing, without any ideas of what the result would be but I was pleased with what I produced. You can upload an image from your computer or a url, add a choice of overlay effects, borders and text. A simple menu system allows you to do various photo adjustments, and add effects, overlays, borders, frames and text.

You can recolor images, create fancy overlay effects and add frames but you cannot add text. Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic are available as free apps from Google Play and iTunes App Store.
Here I talk about tools and resources for Blogging, Social Media, Networking, Wordpress, SEO, Images and Marketing. If you want to make or edit a background image there are tools to create some great results. For a background image you could use a photo as it is or a plain colored image and add effects.
The Pixlr Grabber add ins for Firefox and Chrome allow you to open images into Pixlr directly from the web.
Then choose your font, font size and text color from the menu that appears at the top of the window. Although there is some learning involved, there are many online tutorials, on the Pixlr blog and YouTube, to help you.

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