Firstly you need to select the amount of openings (or apertures) you require from the dropdown boxes provided. We will cut your mount to the exact sizes you specify so your aperture sizes will need to be slightly smaller than your images (otherwise your images will fall through the apertures). If all your openings are going to be the same you can use the option to the right of the aperture layout section. Once you have added your sizes click on the "next" button to select your mount style and colour.
During the checkout process you will have the option to collect from either of our locations in Bedford.

Once you have gone through the shopping cart process and paid for your order all you need to to now is sit back and wait for your order to arrive. Painted in soft greens and pastel pink with a vintage looking distressed finish it would make a wonderful wedding gift or a brilliant way to display a life story through photos for display on a feature wall. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Here you will be given the option to buy any "extras" you might need such as hooks for the wall.
This frame is designed with a vintage style distressed finish so as a result is scuffed up and characterful.

If you need to make any changes to your order then click on this link and you will be taken back to your order where you can make any changes you wish. You also have the option to have your order sent to any shipping address you choose which includes anywhere in the British Isles and some parts of Europe.

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