Our goal is to expand the opportunities for discovery online where we can reach thousands of art collectors.
Nieto Fine Art knows a large number of fine art collectors search online, but have trouble finding galleries with art that fits their individual tastes and styles. Artists such as John Nieto, Fernando Reyes, Jaya King, and Georgianne Fastaia will be able to quickly increase their online visibility and fan base as a result of Nieto Fine Art’s forward-thinking approach to Internet business development. Nieto Fine Art is a San Francisco art gallery that features artwork by John Nieto, whose art is prominently displayed in presidential libraries, embassies, and in both museum collections and private collections around the world.

Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Margaret Keane is the creator and artist behind a style of paintings whose subjects were features with oversized eyes.
Keane Eyes Gallery is located across the street from Ghirardelli Square and features original art, prints, drawings and books that feature Margaret Keane's artwork.
Hearst is also developing and distributing news content in the form of frequent press releases, which are distributed through the largest online PR channel in the world.

Nieto Fine Art also features a dynamic lineup of local artists including Fernando Reyes, Jaya King, and Georgianne Fastaia and regularly hosts San Francisco art shows.
The gallery commits to bringing a fresh, changeable charge of emotion to the community of contemporary artists.

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